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Sunday, August 20, 2006
  Another Theory To Help You With Your Life
Everyone has a Default Face--the expression they lapse into when not emoting.

The Default Face probably says a lot about a person. My mom's used to be stern and angry, the corners of her mouth pulled down in displeasure, eyebrows knit. Since her new independence over the past few years, during which she has begun to do things for herself and has been a lot happier, that's changed, and now her Default Face is contented, and gentler.

You have to know a person pretty well to know their Default Face. I don't know my own, because I usually look in the mirror with either curious appraisal, surprised skepticism, or dread. I hope it's not one of those.
I don't know what my Default Face looks like, but I do know it is cranky because I have had people come up to me outof nowhere, when I am just spacing out, and ask me if I am in a bad mood.

Remember when we all met? Lyn thought I didn't like her because she thought I was making mean faces at her, and I wasn't even aware that I was looking in her direction.
kind of a serene contemplation.
that's yours.
i can't believe you didn't mention b.s.'s suprise that you'd write such a thing. if he knew about it.
your default face is one of mild bemusement. Like you know why what you're observing is funny and no one else does.
I've been told that when I'm concentrating mine is pretty mean.
Is this the same as a face in repose? My dad has a naturally frown-y face. As a kid I can remember looking at him from far away and thinking, "shit, I'm in big trouble." As I got older I realized that's just how his face looks. And, scary, I have the SAME face. Natural frown lines.
JAG and HB: I am truly flattered by your estimations of my DF.

Lu: I definitely thought you didn't like me, and were going to squirrel R and J away for your own only. ;)

Megan: I think FIR is the same, and a more lyrical way to refer to the DF. And one that makes your students think "shit, I'm in trouble" isn't necessarily a bad thing. :)
I discovered in college that my default face made me look like an axe murderer. I hope it has improved, but I fear that it has not.

A propos of your "tag" post, FYI it is 4:56 am and I am about to start eating Ghiradelli chocolate squares. Just saying.
Great minds, CP. Great minds.

I've read that most mass murderers actually appear quite benign to those around them.
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