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Friday, August 25, 2006
  Another Theory To Help You With Your Life
Behaving like a depressed person will make you depressed.

I was really psyched about finally having a week all to myself. Sleep in, shuffle around all day in pajamas, lie on the couch alternately reading and watching TV, then shuffle to the computer and sit there for several hours. Eat a lot.

For the first day it was luxurious and lovely. By the second day I was getting antsy. Four days later and I was crawling the walls and feeling completely useless. Yet somehow, despite having nothing to do, the simplest tasks went undone.

Turtle the First's birthday present still sits in a box at my feet, unmailed. Two disposable cameras from my trip to Chicago have not been dropped off at the camera store for development. Bills need to be paid and phone calls made.

But "Judging Amy" is back-to-back on TNT. I'm mesmerized.
I feel you Sister. I am dog sitting this week, and have pretty much not left the house since I got here. I have watched about a million hours of Law and Order (any Law and Order CSI (again, any CSI, and random cooking and decorating shows.

I have eaten a ton of food, and am currently looking at piles of laundry that somehow remain undone. And I have a ton of prep work for school to do. ARGH
I'm not depressed, just lazy.
I think that this "week to yourself" needs to exclude any chores. Relieve yourself from the obligation to do anything other than whatever you damn well please at every moment, and you may relax more.

You can do all those errands and other crap when your vacation is over.
Thanks CP! Can I come to you every time I need to justify my laziness? (Because Dale, I suffer from the same affliction. Well, I guess I don't suffer, per se. But it is an affliction.) And Lu, we go back to work on Friday, I am not ready, and am filled each day with more dread.
I go back on Wednesday, the kids show up next Tuesday. So much for my plan to be come independently wealthy over the summer.
What on earth are you going to do for 3 days before they get there? Do they have meetings scheduled that whole time?
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