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Wednesday, October 15, 2008
  Dear Jon Stewart,

Please stop talking.

Just for a second. I love you, I really do. I mean, I really, honest-to-god, Teen Bop poster taped to the wall, informed about your former job at the Quaker Bridge Mall, angry when you got married love you. But you are seriously bad at your job.

Not the SNL-esque fake news anchor part of your job. That part is really great. Keep it up!

But the interviewing. My god Jon, when you are interviewing people you've got to let them talk. Ask a question that doesn't require a great deal of lead-in or sermonizing on your part, then... stop talking. Seriously, I mean it. It's their turn to talk. After the question, listen.

When you first started working there (which was around the time I first started working there, so I felt our kinship), I gave you some slack, because you were new and nervous and not used to interviewing. But what has it been, eight, nine seasons? I mean it, the chattering through these 'interview' segments while your interviewee laughs appreciatively at your jokes has long grown old. You are starting to sound like as much of a dick as Colbert does, and he's trying to do that.

Don't be afraid, Jon. If you ask a good question, they'll have something to say. Even if they have to take a breath first, and sound doesn't immediately come out, that doesn't mean it's your turn again.

Love (still, regardless),
My director at work is like that.
But without the funny.
Or the cute.
Or the inciteful.
I've been thinking lately that his interviews have had a lot more schtick to them, like he's going for laffs more.

Hopefully he'll pull back.
that was way harsh ty. remember when we saw him smoking in the cigar room? i'd let him talk thru my interview. except if i was in a mood. which is pretty much always. so yeah, maybe you're right. shut up jon. kisses!
JAG: Amazing how many people like that rise to supervisory positions. Does the power corrupt them, or are they so useless that people promote them to get them out of their way?

Bubs: Thanks for the backup. I think he'll need to hear it from more than one of us.

HB: I do remember that, but I feel like he's suffering from Zach Braff 'I've discovered how charming I am' syndrome. How off-putting. I would no longer awkwardly dance in a circle to get a glimpse of him.
I totally remember how excited you were when you told me about the awkwardly dancing in a circle to get a glimpse of him. How sad.
You're on the money. Jon, listen!!
I think he is listening to me! Jon Stewart totally reads my blog!
He should or at least talk about how he is.
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