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Monday, June 12, 2006
  Kids I Used To Sit With On The Bus
Joe: Quiet, oily-looking hair, always had a small smile that made me nervous. Roni had a crush on him. Once this other kid Dave leaned over the seat and said to me, "Joe wants to see you naked," and then Joe started beating the crap out of him.

Scott: Had a mullet and big glasses with a leather strap to hold them on. I always thought he was obnoxious but one day when the bus driver yelled at us and a little kid started crying, Scott made jokes until the kid felt better.

Dave: Wiry, loud. His sister had a baby while she was still in high school. Told me that Joe wanted to see me naked.

Donia: Chunky, lots of freckles. Desperate to sit with the popular kids at lunch, but none of them were on our bus. Once showed me the horses on her Trapper-Keeper, then started making out with it saying, "I LOVE horses!"

DePew: This was his last name. The other kids called him Pepe LePew. Skinny, white-blond hair, glasses. Awkward. At school he knocked the class Sea Monkeys into the heater, and was never forgiven. Roni had a crush on him.

Ryan: Tall, cute, athletic, everyone had a crush on him. Once told me, when the song "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off (To Have a Good Time)" came on the radio, that it wasn't true. He later rescinded when one of the little kids questioned him about it. When we got to high school, he killed himself.

Roni: My best friend. We lived across the street and sat with each other every day. I once tried to make her eat a Luden's Cherry Cough Drop and she refused, saying that she was only allowed to take medicine from her mom. Later, she took a more maternal role, explaining the real meaning behind "Pour Some Sugar on Me." I didn't believe her.
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