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Monday, June 05, 2006
Today a student taught the poem "To An Athlete Dying Young" to the class. Her closing activity was to have her classmates draw a picture of a role model or hero they have. One of the girls in the class exclaimed, "I'm going to draw Ms. [wonderturtle]!"

Which was sweet. Although a lot of them do kissassy crap like that. But then she brought the picture over to me. In it, I was sporting my "Reading is Sexy" messenger bag, and the "Reading is Sexy" t-shirt that I have not worn to school, but have told them about. My likeness was also wearing the "I Eat Veggies" necklace that I've worn maybe twice this year. The artist then exclaimed breathlessly, "And here's the scarf you wore around your neck that one time!"

Last year I was mid-lecture about the English Civil War when a student raised her hand.

Me: Yes?
Student: Is your hair clip green or yellow?
Me: Uh. Yellow.
Student (pensively): But you have a green one too, right?

The year before, I scolded two girls for whispering to each other during a quiz. They looked up, surprised, and one said, "Oh, we were just talking about your hair! Have you ever had bangs?"

Me: Um, yes.
Student (tactfully): Well, we think you'd look really good with bangs.
Isn't it a little disturbing when they do that? I get a lot of comments on my hair. "How come it's curly some days and straight some days?" "Weren't you blonde when I was a freshman?" and from a male student "You know, your hair looks really sexy like that. You look hot!"

I don't really want to tell them that the reason my hair is sometimes curly and sometimes straight is because it is frequently unwashed. And the sexy comment just sort of creeped me out....
I find a good response to creepy male students is, "Don't be creepy."
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