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Thursday, July 13, 2006
  I Am An Arrogant Brat, and My Mom Is Hilarious
I just read your recent blog entries. What happens to the old ones? What is that im chat at the bottom supposed to mean? What does pour sugar all over me mean? Why do I have to start my own blog to comment on yours and if I do, how do I make mine hidden from other people like you did? Are you sure no one except those you designate can access your blog?

i actually made it publicly available. im chat at the bottom? i don't know what you are talking about. pour sugar? i'm not sure what you are referring to...

now you need to be careful what you write about other people, especially your boss. the internet is basically forever.

i'm keenly aware of that, as i always have been of packing things like underwear and socks. which will never stop you from reminding me to pack them anyway.

actually, I once went on a business trip to Atlanta and when I unpacked at the hotel realized I forgot to bring a change of underwear. Luckily the hotel and meeting were in the middle of downtown. I had to run out to the nearest department store and buy some underwear. :-)
you just discussed underwear in a blog with your mom...hee...hee.
i love your mom. she's so cool. she was the first mom to tell us to call her by her first name. we felt so grown up.
See, Mom knows best. It's ALWAYS possible that you may forget to pack underwear, so she should go on reminding you. Maybe she can remind herself as well.
Ah, moms. Gotta love them. :)

If you changed your settings to allow anonymous comments, your mom could click other, enter "Mom" as her name, and comment that way. Of course, then a million anonymous people could do the same thing.
OK Mom and Megan, it is officially open season for anonymous comments. As long as the author of Go Ask Alice stays away, we should be cool.
the author of go ask alice, as the end of the book suggests, is dead!
The author of Go Ask Alice was a 50-something year old Mormon woman.

My mother, commonly referred to as "The Swedish Yoda" by my friends, reminds me about sunscreen, buying it, wearing it, remembering that it gets old and ineffective after a year.
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