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Sunday, July 16, 2006
  It's Only
Most of the games that adults play in social situations culminate in yelling. The arc of the yelling depends on the personalities of the players, but it is, in my experience, inevitable. Yelling can mar anything from Wiffle Ball or Trivial Pursuit to even, apparently, Scrabble.

Some people are cool with the yelling. It's part of their regular communication style and doesn't equal anger.

I prefer games that dissolve into giggling. It's much better for my blood pressure. Therefore I propose a return to some childhood games that never seemed to provoke yelling.

One of my favorites was a modification on Hide and Seek in which one person hides and everyone else looks for her. When you find the person, you join her in her hiding place, until everyone is crammed into some tiny spot trying to be quiet so the last person doesn't find them. Cue giggling. The other is the Sock Game, in which everyone pulls their socks halfway off, and then crawls around the room trying to remove other people's socks while maintaining their own.

If all else fails, bring out Twister. That's always good for a grope.
You didn't play the sock game in childhood. You played it in adulthood. In the hallway. While your roommates were trying to study.
Just sayin'.
Ohmygosh, I used to LOVE that hide and seek game, which we called "sardines"!
are you saying you don't want to play the "penis/chicken" game anymore?
Sardines. That is absolutely what it is called, thanks Megan!

JAG, I do apologize for that.

I can't even come up with a retort for that one.
I would like to comment on Hapabukbuk's page but SHE won't allow comments. Silly Hapabukbuk.

you were missed thursday night - although I think you would have been cranky due to the crowd AND passing out drunken sillyness. *sigh*

hopefully you will heel in time for GA
Thanks Snix... GA?
i didn't know snix! i'm not that computer literate!
GA hell-OH. don't throw the baby? jeez, whatsamattaforyou?
GA - GREAT ADVENTURE! Silly turtle. And I clearly didn't proofread - should have said "heal" d'oh!
Hapa - I heart you again and will leave "Anonymous" messages on YOUR blog now.
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