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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
  The Electric Slide Makes Me Want To Kill Myself
I've narrowed it down to the following depressing reasons:

The Tempo. It is just slow enough to grind on forever. I suppose it is designed to minimize heel and toe injuries (I feel you, Grant), but even a half-beat faster would make this less of a death march.

The Unpleasant Association with the Eighties. British New Wave, "Video Killed the Radio Star," Cyndi Lauper = Good. AquaNet, Buster Poindexter, Debbie Gibson = Bad. I know I may take some flak for that last Debbie Gibson comment. So be it.

That Enthusiastic Sweaty Old Guy in the Back. He doesn't know it. He's not going to know it. But he's had a few drinks, and by gosh, he's going to try it!

That Lady Who Falls. Ouch. She's laughing it off now, but that's just the pride talking. It's going to leave a mark.

The Lack of Irony. I heart irony. Weddings are ironic, don't you think? So should be the dancing. YMCA dancers throw themselves into it with full awareness, or maybe despite full awareness, of the cheese factor. The Electric Sliders do not see the cheese. Don't go up there if you are going to f* around.
You left out the fact that for those of us of a certain generation it carries with it some slightly uncomfortable associations with junior high school dances...eek.
I actually kind of heart the electric slide, but only because I went to a big over the top Jewish wedding in Miami (where else) and the entire time people were electric sliding, the grooms 350+ pound brother was running around with a video camera. He would get all set up to start filming and the group would immediately turn, forcing him to start running around again. It was worth every moment of having to listen to the electric slide music.

Where do you stand on the Chicken Dance? I fucking hate the chicken dance.
Our only instructions to the DJ for our wedding were us writing on his little form in huge letters "NO CHICKEN DANCE"
I must meet your other friends some day wonderturtle. I feel we may be social soul mates.
in the words of the great bwebs: bitter, bitter, bitter, bitter
oh hapa, how you make me feel guilty for not calling him back yet.
and i am with you w.turtle - hate hate hate it. AND that stupid chicken dance.
Hm. Well I suppose the people-watching factor holds SOME value, Lu.

JAG & Lu: I dislike the chicken dance but it seems to surface less frequently, probably because of similar scrawlings on the bottom of DJs' forms.

HB: Are you implying that bwebs LIKES the Electric Slide? That you like the Electric Slide. I feel like I don't even know you anymore.

Snix: When you call him, tell him I said hi, and did he ever know that he's my hero? He was the wind beneath my wings.
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