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Sunday, August 06, 2006
  Googles, or This Post Lacks Irony
It is pretty cool to meet someone who will sit with you on a Saturday night re-reading A Midsummer Night's Dream while you re-read Harriet the Spy, and every once in a while you read funny passages aloud to each other, and then you somehow get to talking about Hamlet and whether or not he's crazy and why Rosencrantz and Guildenstern show up, so then you both look at Hamlet to try and prove your points, and this all goes on for hours until you both have to get up and get some leftover pasta out of the fridge. And then you listen to some Rage Against the Machine.

Sorry. It is very difficult to be sardonic when this happens.
Boy or girl?
some days, i covet your life.
Not to be easily distracted (because I am), but have you ever read "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead"? TOO HILARIOUS!
If this is the guy, you had better hold on to him. If this is a girl, I would think that maybe I had been in New Jersey last night, but I know I was not.
Megan: A boy, a boy!

JAG: Right back atcha babe.

Quindigo: Why yes, I just saw it performed as well. Good stuff!

Lu: That's my intent. :)
hey there, i was looking for some sort of commentary on au bon pain, particularly, but was just as "amused" to hear of your return letter. makes me think that i should get some of what's in my head online, as scary as that permanence is, because sometimes it is actually funny.

went to the meeting today but just to drop off my portfolio. it doesn't suck, looking back though it. thanks for the poem, by the way, it was nice to read in the aftermath of the class ending, and missing it in spite of the demands.

what what is the trippy password thing about anyway - ensuring their are no acid drug dealers on the wibsite?
Hey Mary! Thanks for stopping by!

ps. I would think the word verification thing ATTRACTS the acid dealers.
Yay! Sounds like a keeper!
Sounds like a perfect date.
I always feel great when the conversation I am having with my lover is not planned. You know which one I am talking about and it starts with, "So, how was work today? Did anything interesting happen?" The planned conversations take so long. Sometimes I wonder why three minutes is such a freakin long time. However, when I stumble into a conversation like yours I usually find myself in the frig in the middle of the night because I have been so distracted by our chemistry. Then, my question about three minutes changes to, why is there never enough time for us to talk? ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Staci.... I will try!
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