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Thursday, August 31, 2006
  I'm Afraid I Can't Do That, Dave

Is it possible for a computerized voice to sound annoyed? Because I think my voicemail lady is irked at my sentimental saving of messages. When she informs me that three of my messages are "about to expire," she sounds positively chirpy. But when I listen to them again, and they make me smile again, and I re-save them, again, she drones through "this message will be saved for twenty-one days" in a decidedly chilly tone. If she had teeth to clench, they'd be clenched. I resent this kind of judgement.
The voice inside the gate at short term parking at Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport is downright pissy when it says "Take a ticket, please." I always snatch the ticket as fast as I can to avoid making him too mad.
My voice mail lady can be a downright bitch. Sometimes she actually hangs up on me.
Did you get a chance to listen to the British ATM in Madison? I'll take the service fees just to hear her dulcet tones.
My voice mail lady admonishes me if I have too many messages. She punches hard at me by saying you have more than TEN! new voice messages.
My lady lets me save 'em for 40 days, and she doesn't seem to mind.
I've got 7 days to clean up my act or m'lady reaches through the phone and slugs me.
I hate that about to expire thing. I do the same thing and save messages but three is just not enough! Don't see why you can't stock pile them. There's a business idea.
I think we all need to hang out more with the Madison ATM or Megan's lady. Does she let you re-save?
didn't we have some way of taping our really good voicemails back in the dorm days? I seem to remember something...
I think we just held the receiver up close to the tape player microphone. Very low-tech.
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