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Sunday, September 24, 2006
  Something Else That's Been Bothering Me
Zach Braff is getting too big for his britches.

Scrubs was an indie darling, if there is such a thing on TV. Garden State captivated everyone within a particular chronological span, not to mention a geographical one.

Then there was the relationship with Mandy Moore. I forgave him for that, but only because she was in Saved, and she was funny.

But this Last Kiss business. It seems that our awkward geeky crush is becoming more confident and less endearing as his popularity grows. I know he is not directly responsible for the marketing, but consider this image from the soundtrack, presented as "songs chosen by Zach Braff":
I'm a wee bit put off.
You know I totally heart me some Zach Braff, but I was annoyed that he decided to leave Scrubs, and then I saw him in a magazine and he was driving some ridiculous car instead of a Prius or something.

I was ok with the Mandy Moore thing, because she's the only one of those girls who started out as teen stars who seems not to be a whore, and I respect that.

I have no interest in seeing this new movie, but I haven't come down in the anti-Zach Braff camp yet; I'm on the fence.
I think we'll be able to chalk this movie up as a momentary bad decision on his part. Especially after it flops at the box office, as I suspect it will.

I have to say, I love it that he started his movie career (I think anyway) as a total flamer in "Broken Hearts Club." It's great that actors aren't afraid to play gay any more. Unless they're Tom Cruise, that is.
I was quite disappointed with "Garden State." I'd heard that it was the greatest movie ever and went in expecting it to be the greatest movie ever. When it was not the greatest movie ever, but mildly entertaining nonetheless, I was horribly saddened. Then I heard the soundtrack because someone said it was the greatest soundtrack ever. When I listened to it and realized it was not the greatest soundtrack ever, I was even more disappointed.

I never saw "Scrubs."
It's the greatest TV series ever! I've never seen it though so don't take my word.
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