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Friday, November 24, 2006
  Black Friday Blues
I just spent the last three hours shopping online. Before I go completely cross-eyed, I thought I'd share (read: hawk) some of my favorite, less-consumery places to buy holiday stuffs.

Uncommon Goods
They have nifty, unusual stuff from individual artisans, plus you can tell them to give a portion of your order price to one of several non-profit organizations.

Proletarian Threads
The name says it all. "C'est pour toi que tu fais la revolution."* -Daniel and Gabriel Cohn-Bendit

Ten Thousand Villages
"Fairly traded handicrafts from around the world." Damn cool stuff.

Supports individual artists in and around Olympia, WA. This is where I got my "Reading Is Sexy" t-shirt and messenger bag. Need I say more?

Long-advertised on my sidebar. Design your own threads, bags, etc. I made my "Nerd Alert" hoodie here. Are you sensing a pattern?

Powell's City of Books
The largest independent bookstore in the country, to my knowledge. Amazon can bite me.

Hope that's enough to get you started. Please let me know about anything I've missed!

*"It is for yourself that you make the revolution."
You know, I look at alot of the tee shirts and stuff and think how cool they are, and then I think "I wish that came in pink."

I think I'm not serious enough to be a revolutionary, although I do love your "reading is sexy" shirt.
Lu, if you want something lefty in a more femme-y look, check out the pink "Radical Feminist" shirts at They are cute!

In my revolution, I would enlist you to be the Mata Hari. ;)
Thanks for the shopping tips.

We spent Friday afternoon going to antique stores and thrift shops in Iowa. It's amazing how much better deals are when you don't have a lot of hipsters around. I mean, narrow late 50's/early 60's ties for a buck each!

I did end up borrowing my inlaws' laptop and doing some online shopping that evening, but without buying anything.
Ah, for an Iowa close by! We have Pennsylvania, but it's not the same. I covet your hipster ties!

Sweatshop-free t-shirts, even in pink, Lu! My entire summer wardrobe is from American Apparel.
Excellent places to go. I like, too, as a place to find items made by actual arts/crafts people (it's a little like uncommon goods). I think the pink revolutionary T-shirt seeker might like a grenade necklace (

Another good starting point is the American Craft Council. They don't really run a shop, but their show schedules can be used as a guide to some of the country's best artists. Most of their stuff is way outside the realm of affordable for people like me, though.
Megan: So true. Although I do take issue with some of their advertising, as does Amy Poehler. ;)

Alasdair: I am now obsessed with the elsewares site. My favorite are the little eggshells with plants growing out of them! Thank you!!
:) It is wicked addictive, that site. I like the Punky Monkey and the dynomighty bracelets (especially the bandoleer).
Yeah, I've been trying to overlook that myself. . .
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