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Sunday, November 05, 2006
  I Am Mad At Blogger
Two days ago I wrote a post. I thought a lot about this post. It seemed to publish; I hit "Refresh" on Mozilla and there it was--my new post. Today I thought, "Hm, I know I don't have a huge readership but I would think SOMEBODY would have commented on this one." So I go and look at my blog and wouldn't you know it? That post is gone! It's not even saved as a Draft!

What the heck, Blogger?
It was your 5 Things post wasn't it? I was leisurely strolling through your latest entries, went to comment especially on the last point about being found out or discovered as a fraud when I got an error message. I refreshed and your post was gone. And I was liking the list too! Lots of bloggery badness.
That is so frustrating.

I'm lucky because I'm a superficial person with a short attention span, so it doesn't usually take me long to post something.

Any chance you might try again?
Blogger and I are about to go to war. I've started writing my posts in a Word document, which I save for 24 hours after publication for just this reasons. But what really ticks me off are the pithy comments I leave and Blogger eats; who can be witty the second time around. Blogger is such a little bitch these days.
I agree with beth. I have made so many clever little comments on blogs and watched them disapear into thin air.
Dale, yes it absolutely was! Thank you for reassuring me that I am not completely delusional. I have re-posted, but as Beth and Lu have pointed out, it's probably less entertaining than it was before.

Maybe I should always use that as an excuse: this was so funny! Then Blogger ate it!

Bubs: Thanks. See above; I did try to reconstruct it. Good thing I obsess over my posts so I could remember most of what I said... ;)

Beth: That is an excellent idea, and I think I may begin using your backup system. "Bitch," that is exactly the word Hapabukbuk used today for Blogger!

Lu: Do you think they are trying to bully us into switching to Beta?
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