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Monday, November 06, 2006
  Resigning Myself To The Playground Of Blogging
Dale says everyone should play on this one. It will be difficult since I am extremely self-involved and talk incessantly, but OK...

Five Things You Don't Know About Me

1. I am a messy eater. I get crumbs everywhere, no matter what I'm eating. Even soup.

2. I've done stand-up comedy. On my 21st birthday, in a London comedy club, as the final exam for a course I was taking. It was one of my cooler moments.

3. When I was 2, the only thing I would listen to was a one-eyed sock puppet named Muppet. If Muppet didn't tell me to do something, the answer was no. My parents were terrified of losing him. I still have Muppet, just in case.

4. I was actually pretty politically apathetic before George W. in the White House. I suppose I have him to credit for my righteous anger, activism, and sheer terror.

5. I secretly suspect that the people who like me just haven't found me out yet. That at any moment they are going to discover the truth. Margaret Atwood said, "This goes along with another theory of mine: that everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise."

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WT, I have uncanny intuition about people, and I already know there's nothing you could ever do to make me not like you.

Welcome, fellow messy eater! I get crumbs in my hair ... in the BACK of my head. How does that happen?

And I've always loved that Margaret Atwood quote; sums up my life perfectly.
I think that sort of sums up everyone's secret life. As two wise girls once decided, we all have an inner 13-year-old.
This is a great list. I've decided I'm not going to do anything until a sock puppet named Muppet tells me to.

Ask him to make me study, will you?
MJ: That's a great idea! I will immediately begin farming out Muppet's services. I will accept payment in cookies.

Lu: You are so right; it's a theme...

Beth: Thank you, for making me feel less alone in my messiness. It's always nice to have a compatriot.

CP: Awwwwww!
Stand-up for a final exam? What fun! For you. I would HATE that.

I'll get my list up soon. . .
It's just as vital a 5 this time around!
I feel the same way about number 5.
Wait...we lived in close proximity for 4 years and muppet never came up once??
Megan: You'd be surprised how much fun it can be, even for the shy. I considered it as a career path when I got back to New York, but never had the cojones to follow up.

Dale: Thanks man!! You are my sole witness.

Grant: Really? I guess some of the best comedy comes from the self-loathing types...

JAG: Well, didn't you read the title of the list? There had to be at least ONE that you didn't know!
Grant's right, he has reason to feel that way about #5. Har har. No he doesn't. I do. Why do so many of us feel like that I wonder. And why does Margaret Atwood never brush her fucking hair? Just wondering.
Ha! In her hair lies her power!

As for self-doubt, I'm going to go with the theory that everyone feels it, but only some people admit it. Sometimes.
I'm not admitting anything. And I'm letting my hair go wild just to see what happens.
You'd better post a picture!
So, that's what's been wrong in D.C. They all thought they were adults! Ha! "A-dolts" is more like it.
Actually, Margaret Atwood's theory goes for most of us. Once upon a time, many years ago, my daughter asked why I was "talking funny" on the phone that day. I told her that it was my "business voice." But, to myself I said, "That's the fake me, the one that puts on a suit & goes to work."
It's good to hear I'm not solo on on this. I think my phone voice is higher, less "intimidating." Ugh.
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