In Her Shell
Saturday, December 30, 2006
  In Her Shell Veers Into The Pornographic, Then Out Again
Alternate Titles: I Love Christmas Vacation, or Happy Corporate Hooker, or Too Much Free Time Makes For Aimless Blogging

I have spent the better part of the day in my underwear.

It's rare that you get an opportunity to just admire your new underwear (in my case, pretty boy shorts from Victoria's Secret) without distractions or other obligations. This morning I took my breakfast at Starbucks and tried in vain to push through the pile of Macbeth essays that has been hanging over my head since last week. Once my brain fried out on that with 4 left to go, I took solace in a stack of Hamlet quizzes that was relatively less taxing.

I swung by Whole Foods to pick up some Luna Bars and Kashi frozen meals in anticipation of my breakfast and lunch needs next week, and came home to enjoy some leftover sushi for lunch while reading the paper. Then, settling in under my covers to read Female Chauvinist Pigs, I decided that the inevitably ensuing nap would be much better accomplished without pants. And that's as it's been since 1:00 this afternoon.

At around 3:00, Lulu called and filled me in on the Midwest Blogger's Conference, making me very jealous but also thoroughly entertained. She also gave me this sage bit of advice about my own life, which I will cherish for years to come:

"It takes two weirdos to make an awkward situation."

Now it is time to forage for dinner, and since I can't order out for sushi again, I suppose I will have to actually go into the kitchen, which will, sadly, require pants. My roommates and their boyfriends are not home, but they could return at any moment, and I'd like to keep my boy shorts to myself. Hopefully you have not found this post to be an awkward situation, and will even consider for yourself a foray into pantsless blogging.
i thought for sure this would involve a pants-less wonderturtle in Starbucks. I still haven't decided if I'm disappointed that it didn't.
Dude, you were wearing your underwear when we were on the phone? That seems so wrong.

I was wearing a baby blue cashemere bathrobe.
i'm going to assume that last line was not meant for me. because if you even think i haven't blogged pantless, well, you just don't know me at all. not at all.
I likewise am wearing a baby blue robe but it is merely fleece. (And I won't put it on after showering, per Lu's advice.)
I'm wearing a smirk. Oh, and clothes.
I am wearing pants, but only because I too had to enter the kitchen and I'm not sure if my roomie is here.
My bathrobe is a rich burgundy terrycloth.

Happy new year!
I hope she filled you in on all the gossip at The Official Site Of Grant Miller!
JAG: I'm sorry to disappoint you, or not to.

Lu: So wrong, but so right?

HB: But your computer is in the dining room!

CP: Why not? Is there some festering warmth fear?

Dale: Aw, no fun. Except for the smirk.

TAB: That damn kitchen! Maybe if I got a hot pot and a mini-fridge for my bedroom...

Bubs: That sounds lovely! Thanks!

GM: I did get some gossip, and I cannot believe you would say/do/eat something like that. My image of you is totally blown.
I see we spend our time off in similar ways. Shopping and in our underwear. The ultimate is shopping online in underwear!
Right on, you said it, MT!
Okay, now I'm in the robe. I feel naked under it.

I keep feeling guilty about not doing the crush tag so I'm pretending that my love of letters counts. I know you'll forgive me or at least tell me what to wear as penance.
Dale, I will peruse your post and see if it warrants further instruction.
Do you know how long I've been wearing this robe?
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