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Monday, December 18, 2006
  Overheard In The Faculty Room
There is a guy who hangs out in the faculty room when I do. He has been at the school forever, is high up in the union, wears a long ponytail and sometimes rides his Harley to school. He is fantastic.

He randomly sings and gets involved in everyone's conversations in a cheery manner. He says everything in a jolly way. Including the following to a somewhat grouchy teacher who only comes in to use the copier, has the title Dr., and speaks with a thick accent:

Dr: Who is on ze copier? (hops around, hovers over the machine, glaring as if it should always be immediately available to him) Grumble grumble.

Jolly: (from his spot by a computer, in an optimistic tone) It's not so bad; 6,000 people died in Darfur yesterday.

Dr.: This is rhetoric. 6,000 people die in car accidents yesterday!

Jolly: (still smiling in a friendly way) Yes. But more people died in Darfur!

Dr.: Grumble grumble grumble.

Jolly: (looking up, pointing a finger directly at Dr.'s chest, merrily) Did anyone come into your home yesterday, kill you, rape your wife, and throw your children into the fire? (smiles amiably)

Dr.: (goes back to hopping around the copier)

Oh my god, I want this jolly man to be my Close Personal Friend & Bodyguard!!
I really enjoyed this. My youngest read it over my shoulder and had fun trying to figure out which of her teachers would fit each role best.
Yay! I'm so glad he is bringing joy to more people!
Does the good doctor really hop?! Like on one foot or two? I need to be able to picture this.
I guess it is more like bouncing, from one foot to the other. Like the faculty room floor is lava and he can only save himself by making his copies, NOW.
See? Now I can visualize that. Awesome! And I'm laughing. . .bonus.
Excellent, I love this guy.
Me too! :)
Zees subject I am unvilling to deescuss. I trust you vil find your treep to Germany of eenterest.

(This is something I say often when I don't like the direction a conversation is taking. A prize will be awarded to anyone who can place this.)
Damn, I wish I could!
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