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Thursday, January 11, 2007
  "Boredom Kills"

That's what I used to write on my notebooks in junior high, along with peace signs and deepandmeaningful quotes.

Apparently this is part of an ongoing series about my awkward(est) years.

I saw "Boredom Kills" written on someone else's notebook and adopted it. I loved it and felt like I was giving a big middle finger to all my boring teachers every time I wrote it. This may have been the closest I came to actual rebellion during this time period.

I remembered today that I used to whine to my mother, "I'm boooooooored!" She would usually reply, "Clean your room" or "Go outside and play." Childhood life seems to have operated on two levels: Fun and Boring. If I wasn't actively stimulated, things were just dull.

How annoying for my mother, I thought. Then I realized that I haven't used the word "boring" in a long time.

My job isn't boring. Meetings are, sometimes, but I don't feel bored: I feel restless, or irritated. Same goes for traffic jams or lines at the supermarket. When I come home and don't have any plans, I am fairly content to just sit, either in front of the computer or on the couch.

I kind of miss boredom. It meant that I was yearning for something, all the time. Maybe its absence points to my peace of mind or maturity, but I wonder if it means I've grown complacent, and, well, kind of dull.
I did not! (did I?) I thought I said "Read a book!" or "Draw a picture!" or "Write!" - at least I like to think that's what I, a creative and unboring mom, would have said. "Write!" must have been said at least once because hey! You're doing it and you're no longer bored!
Mother of Wonderturtle
That was better than my dad's answer: 'Go bang your head on a wall." I tried it a few times. Then I was bored and I had a headache.
i wasn't allowed to say "i'm bored" when i was a kid. i'd get the stink eye of death and a lecture about all the different things i could be doing and how lucky i was to be able to do them. (And thus the guilt complex was born.)
and for the record, i believe dull would be the absolute last word i'd ever even think of calling you.
Mom: Guess I may not be bored anymore, but I'm still annoying! You're right.

JAG: Ouch.

HB: Awwwwww...
I suspect it's precisely because you are NOT complacent or dull that you find yourself no longer bored. That is, perhaps, based on my mother's response to boredom: "only boring people are bored."
Thanks man. It's good to hear that every once in a while.
What's you opinion on malaise?
or ennui? I specialized in ennui for most of high school.
I have dabbled in both, so I suppose maybe I've just upgraded to a fancier form of boredom. Ennui Kills!
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