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Sunday, January 21, 2007
I was carded at the liquor store last night. And for the first time, instead of feeling annoyed, I felt feel really good.

Guess that means I've started a new phase.

Some of my older friends may already be rolling their eyes, but in May I turn 30.

I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

Seriously! I have a friend who opined that turning 27 gave her voice a new weight to those around her, but I am so convinced of 30's gravitas that I have already begun borrowing it, months before it's mine.

When my landlord tried to be condescending: "Listen, I am 30 years old, I've rented many apartments, don't try to tell me..."
When my supervisor referred to me as "kiddo": "Who does he think he is? I'm 30 years old!"
When my face repeatedly breaks out: "What the hell? I thought zits would be over by now, I'm 30, for pete's sake!"

It's fun. I envision the 30s as the ideal decade in which I have shed the insecurities of my quarter-life crisis and have the income and stability to truly enjoy life. Is it possible to have your halcyon days ahead of you?

But yet, getting carded at the liquor store still gave me great satisfaction. "Ha," I thought to myself as I handed over my driver's license, "and I'm almost 30."
I hate to break this to you, but the zits never go away, you just get wrinkles along with them.
I continued to get carded well into my 30s. Now, white haired but zit- and wrinkle-free, I get carded when I ask at a box office or other vendor of tickets or goods, "Got any breaks for old people?"
Mother of Wonderturtle
P.S. Note to Lulu: Try the free face lift - it works wonders both inside and out!
Remember a certain "old man" in our freshman dorm? He was 30. We were brats.
Lu: How very optimistic of you.

Mom: You may need to elaborate on the "free face lift" concept for the uninitiated... ;)

JAG: I believe the moniker was actually "Crusty Old Guy," and, frankly, if I were living in a college dorm with 18-year-olds, I'd think I were weird too.
Wow, it's 69 days untill I turn 30, and I wish I had a fraction of the optimism you have!
Turning 30 was awesome. I decided when I turned 30 that I was only going to do smart things in my 30s. It was a great way to start a new decade. (I'll remain silent on what actually happened, though.)
Just realistic.

I am assuming that the "free facelift" is smiling right? You know I don't do that. I scowl and look like I dislike people I don't know.
CC: You'll get there. It's so nice to see you out here in blogworld!!

CP: I would love to hear some of the stories, but will also appreciate just the support. :)

Lu: Yes, smiling. But you have such a great one...
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