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Thursday, January 18, 2007
  Thanks Lulu
I got this through Lulu's post about The Book Quiz...

You're a Mongoose!

Famous and fabled, you are well-loved by those around you, especially
those above you. You rise to many challenges, and your speed and agility allow you
to outwit those you don't like and others hate. While you don't appear vicious,
your unassuming appearance helps draw people into underestimating you. You really
like the name Rikki.

Take the Animal Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

I'm the Animals. The band. ??

I think I'd rather be a mongoose. Thanks for the quiz tip.
Now that is cool! My fraternity nickname was Rikki Tikki Tavi (which looked silly on my football jersey, I can tell you).

Lucky ducky!
I am the same as Bubs. I do not like this quiz. I want to be a mongoose too! I'm going to lie and re-take it. -snix
I'm a rabbit.

You're a Rabbit!
Sure-footed and exceptional at hearing, you have a great number of physical talents. While you do love carrots, you have an aversion to lettuce that no one seems to really believe. Looney Tunes have been your favorite cartoons for as long as you can remember. Though you'd never admit it, you've always wondered what it would feel like to be thrown into a briar patch. You really like, er, procreating, even more than most people.
Bubs: Did you take the Book Quiz? That one's fun too...

Alasdair: Interesting, this is a new insight... did you take the quiz?

Snix: I'm all for trying out every option!

Lu: I always knew about your 'physical talents'... heh.
I hate these quizzes, especially when they're right. I'm a goddamned hyena!

--You have quite a sense of humor, though many others find it derisive rather than appealing. You are perceived as being a coward, but actually have moments of great bravery and have even stood up to those much larger than yourself. You like hanging out in groups and are always making a lot of noise. Disney thinks you are an idiot.
Wow. Small world. Joy, the person who wrote this quiz (and all the others, book, election, etc) was my best friend my freshman year of college. Small small world. I think I was a mongoose the first time I took this too.
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