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Thursday, February 15, 2007
  10 Ls
Lulu's general tag of 10 favorite things starting with the first letter of my middle name seemed fun.

Lionesses--I had a poster of one resting in a field of wildflowers hanging over my bed when I was little. I found it comforting and felt like it watched over me. Still not sure about a god, but big cats are damn cool.

Lip balm--especially if it makes my lips shiny. I don't like the taste of lipstick and gloss comes off too quickly.

Letters--getting them more so than writing them, lazy girl that I am, but I still have boxes full of them from the days before e-mail made it harder to sift the dedicated friendships from the casual.

London--it was there that I learned independence. I still miss the Docs, Wagamama, and takeaway baked potato.

Laughing--a friend once said it was similar to orgasm: losing consciousness (and inhibition) momentarily. Even more than laughing myself, I like making other people laugh. Try not to extend the metaphor too much...

Learning--In education they talk about "life-long learning" so much it's made the phrase meaningless, but the best people realize that they are always teaching and learning, with all its triumphs and humility, and embrace it.

Lightning--especially over the ocean.

Leaving--in the sense of the moments at the beginning of a trip. One of my favorite places is in the airport, waiting for my flight to be called and watching all the people, or sitting in a loaded-down car, with the map spread out across our laps.

Lunch--eating is good, especially when it is a break from the students, a meeting with an old friend to catch up, or an excuse to stand in front of the refrigerator on a lazy Saturday, which I've been doing all morning anyway.

Laziness--remaining prone and warm with a book or remote in hand, steaming tea nearby, and snow piling up outside while the bag of ungraded papers sits cold in another room... heavenly.

If you haven't played yet, do it! Stick with the middle name tag; I like it.

I like the striped lions. I would give almost anything to be back in London just bumming around. I really could live there.
Here's to lightning and laziness! A great crashing storm with lightning is awesome. And laziness is, in my opinion, one of the most undervalued qualities in our hectic modern world. Deliberate laziness is like striking a blow for sanity.
Like you, as much as I like to laugh, there is a certain satisfaction that comes from making others laugh that is priceless.

I think I could win the gold medal in deliberate laziness.
I never eralized what a fun letter L could be. Good thing you have a cool middle name! By the way, Chris, if that is a picture of you, you looked just like my husband in grade school...
Laziness was my Wednesday past without the ungraded papers and with a 2 hour midday nap. Your other L words are pretty damned lovely too.
TenS: Seriously. I am always torn between spending my travel time/money on a place I've never seen before or a return to somewhere I've loved.

Bubs: Right on, man. Self-indulgence needs to be reclaimed from the commercials and given a nap.

Chris: It might be the best feeling ever.

JAG: You'd be surprised how tough it was! I was coveting everyone else's letters. But it was a fun mental exercise.

Dale: Ungraded papers may be substitutes for anything else that is "supposed" to be done... but naps may not be substituted for.
Damn, you're good. My middle initial is also L and I couldn't come up with anything other than laughter and learning. Granted, I didn't try very hard.
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