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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Someone spammed me a picture of a penis. That's it--just a picture of a penis. It seems to be a self-portrait. Has this happened to anyone else?
I just get ads for HerBAAL vIaaGRIEA, and Nigerians wanting to give me money.
No. Could it be some kind of prank? It was April Fool's Day.
Hm. I really hope it wasn't personally directed. It wasn't April Fool's Day, because I certainly opened it up at work, but my students were working on a quiz, so hopefully none of them noticed before I quickly hit the "Report Spam" button.
sorry- that was meant for grant miller.
Ooops! Sorry!
Love your blog, ive been checking it out for a while now....Do you want to swap links on each others site?

mine is, email me at if you do and then I will add you to my site.

WT has a lover, WT has a lover. Maybe (s)he is the one who spammed you the dick?

While I'm being childish, does anyone remember that game where you hold two fingers up to someone's head and start counting, and then when they ask what you're doing you say "I'm counting the number of boy/girlfriends you have," like it's some sort of insult or something?
You all are no help whatsoever. But I guess, what kind of help does one really need in this situation?

CP, I do not remember that, but it sounds bizarre. My favorite annoying childhood tease was, "Are you PT?" And if you said yes, the person would say, "You're a pregnant teenager?" (Even if you were 10) And if you said no, the person would say, "You're not POTTY TRAINED??"
Wow! They are kinda gross in person and as spam.
I've only ever received the exotic pierced penis e-mails. Want me to forward them to you?
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