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Saturday, April 28, 2007
  George W Bush Stinks Like A Boar Foot
On the radio the other day George Bush justified his stubborn "I'm the President, You're Glue, Whatever You Say, I'm Going to Veto" stance by saying this:

"I believe strongly that politicians in Washington should not be telling generals how to do their job."

Set aside the grammatical error, remove the word "generals," and put in the word "teachers."

Then consider that Bush's Stupid Plan For Education Reform (also known as the Public Education Isn't Profitable, So Let's Privatize It By Making It Fail! Plan) says that every child has to pass a state standardized exam by 2014. Every child. That includes the special education students, even the ones who are not mainstreamed. That includes the English Language Learners, even the ones who just got here two weeks ago. That includes the ones who only set things on fire, including standardized tests.

It irritates me sometimes that everyone who went to high school thinks that they know how to do my job. I drive a car, but I couldn't fix one or build one. I have two parents, but I'm sure as hell not ready to be one myself, and I've been to the dentist a lot. I could not fix your cavity.

I got an e-mail forward this week called No Dentist Left Behind. It was a satirical one (with a misleading title, but stick with me) about a "new law" that states that every child must be 100% cavity-free by 2014. "But I can't control for environmental factors, socioeconomic status, how much the children or their parents care about dental care!" cries the hapless dentist. "Those are just excuses. What, you don't want our children to be healthy?" comes the inevitable response.

Yet here comes George W Bush, time after time, with the transparent and hypocritical accusations of "political grandstanding"by the Democrats. Pretending to be a Republican when he's expanded federal government powers to an alarming degree. Coming into my classroom with his C+ average and telling me, the teacher, how to do my job.

P.S. Your war stinks too, buddy.
What I like is that all students are required to pass a test that is designed to compare them to other students. It isn't possible for everyone in the country to be above average. That's not what average means.

Well said. That law completely distorts teh focus of quality education, lowering the standards for everyone instead of raising them. But keep in mind, the lower the standards the dumber the students, and the dumber the students the more votes they get.
George Bush deserves to be dry fisted. Sorry if your family members read this, but that's just the way it is.

Good move with the dentist analogy.

Oh, and you've received an honor at CPW this morning.
That was so well put that I'm refusing even to make cavity jokes Wonderturtle. He may be the reason the word futility exists.
You tell 'em, Turtle. I hate it when people cannot follow rules of logic in arguments. Makes me crazy.
What is the purpose of this test?
You may be my new hero.
Flunk the dunce.
I totally heart you, you know that?
WOOT! Thanks peops, I knew there was a reason I loved you all. You are absolutely right: this test IS successful in that it strives for mediocrity and a passive populace that does not know how to think critically. Dry fisting aside, we've got to come up with a new way to reinvigorate the concept of representative government. We've got to do it now!
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