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Sunday, May 06, 2007
  Jessica Rabbit Only Got It Half Right
Aw shucks, I am blushing. My biggest blog crush, Coaster Punchman, has included me in his Thinking Blogger Award list. So now it is my turn to shout out to those I love to read partially because they feed my inferiority complex about my own intelligence.

John, Beyond the Self
Makes me think about: Social justice and radical activism
I admire him because: He has no fear
I feel inferior because: I have fear
You might like to know that: He is one of the funniest damn people ever, and one of the nicest, even though he looks like he might snap and attack at any moment

Jersey Aikido Girl, ...there's no place like the Turnpike (formerly known as KY Transplant)
Makes me think about: My childhood, being a nerd, weird people, lots of stuff
I admire her because: She is left-brained AND right-brained
I feel inferior because: She is left-brained AND right-brained
You might like to know that: We shared a house in college, and she was the one who mowed the lawn and got after us to pick up stuff off the floor. Could take you down with one of her hugs, even before she learned how to flip you over her head

Cantankerous Consumer, Not Made In China: A One Year Self Imposed Boycott
Makes me think about: The impact of the choices we make, even the ones that seem little
I admire her because: She is uncompromising in her beliefs
I feel inferior because: Sometimes I compromise when I know I shouldn't
You might like to know that: She is my BFF, and along with JAG, recently returned to the East Coast! Woo hoo! At the lowest points in my life she appears with sushi and daquiris and it all gets a little easier

Megan, By & By
Makes me think about: History, Politics, Teaching
I admire her because: I've always considered myself a closet History teacher
I feel inferior to her because: She can argue so eloquently about politics
You might like to know that: She is the only person on this list with whom I do not have an outside-the-blogworld relationship

AnthemSled, The Mad Lens
Makes me think about: Language, its delightfulness and power
I admire him because: His mind works so quickly and bends in ways I haven't considered
I feel inferior to him because: His mind works so quickly
You might like to know that: He is the dreamiest boy ever

OK smarties, here are the rules:
1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.
3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ and a link to the post that you wrote.

(I will be following up with a post on Bloggers Who Make Me Laugh because Jessica Rabbit did have a very good point.)
I look forward to visiting your friends. I remember John from your NEH days (when Lu also wrote about him.)

I think it's unfair for someone to be both left and right brained.

Sushi and daquiris surely can solve many of the world's problems, although I have never had them together.
Your readers might like to know that "Nothing is closed if you have a hammer."
I've met Megan before. She seems nice.
I liked your take on this WonderTurtle. I admire you just because. And you make me think. Against my will.
I am honored to be described so well, even if CP thinks it's unfair. Sadly, I am too lame to respond as I don't read too many blogs and you already honored all the ones I do.
Hey, thanks for the shout-out. The blog's been neglected lately, but I'd love to have sushi and daquiris with you sometime.
I've been such a lame blogger of late that I haven't even bothered to thank you for this!
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