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Friday, June 29, 2007
  Not Dead
I am happy to report the following:

1) I, Wonderturtle, am not dead. It has actually been a month since my last post, a fact about which I feel great distress. But

2) The wonderful AnthemSled has assured me that They will be coming to hook up Our Internet next Friday. Which means that, yes,

3) AnthemSled is moving in! Besides arguing about where to move the furniture, it's pretty damn nice so far. And speaking of more intimate contact,

4) The East Coast Bloggers Conference was a big success and all you Midwest Bloggers should be jealous! My crush on CP was wholly validated, and compounded by an additional crush on Poor George. My deep love for Hapabukbuk and Lulu was of course reinforced, though tempered by the weird thought that even though I only see Lulu once a year anyway, it will be harder knowing she's half a world away instead of half a country.

That is all. Until next Friday. If there's anyone still reading me....
Glad to see you back online (more or less).

It was, of course, a joyful experience to see you (and Hapabukbuk, who is gorgeous by the way) last week. You know, you can probably get a cheap flight to Bangkok sometime....
I was only checking to see what would happen with AnthemSled and the internet. Thanks for the update whatsyername.
Yay! So much news that I've never gotten....
I need to write my own blog review of the East Coast Blogger's Conference, which was of course beyond fabulous. Poor George and I are still smarting at not being the pretty ones, though!
but CP, I was just telling Jane yesterday how handsome you are.
thanks lulu! ...totally blushing, AND late to the party as usual. east coast (+midwestern visitors, and poor cold georges) bloggers unite!! :)
and's about frakkin' time!!! both that you admit your undying love for me the internet access thing.
THAT is all.
Wish I could've been there to meet all you erudite east coast types.

Welcome back!
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