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Saturday, July 21, 2007
  Another Theory To Help You With Your Life
It's best to get your own copy.

Two copies in the same apartment is not excessive, it's celebratory.

You won't regret it, because otherwise you will just stare longingly at someone else's copy, even if you are re-reading To Kill A Mockingbird on a blanket in the park and it is a beautiful day.

Read faster, damnit!
My brother and sister-in-law read a chapter out loud to each other every night.

How barfy cute is that?
About 200 pages in, and not nearly reading fast enough.

Get a load of this--when I was at Costco yesterday I saw two different people walk up to the stack of books, pick up a copy, and immediately flip to the back and start scanning.

Stay away from those people. You know they're just dying to ruin it for someone near and dear to them.
Lu: That is both barfy and cute. Do they do voices, I wonder? Can they conference-call me in?

Bubs: I have been so tempted to be one of those people when AS leaves it lying around when he's, say, asleep. But I have so far stayed on the side of the good and am waiting.
I haven't read the series, but I've been drawn into the hype. Will you tell me what happens at the end?
they all die in a fiery disaster and evil rules the day.

Or, that's the line I'm giving people who haven't finished it yet...

(suddenly I'm glad my husband doesn't read...)
They don't do ALL the voices, but they do make an effort to read in an engaging, theatrical way.

My mom grabbed their copy and read the last page and then threatened to tell us what happens. She is evil.
Ok, I finished. Just in time for WT's summer program to start and rob her of the time she needs to read. Sorry babe!
I'm waiting for the musical.
sheep. SHEEP! ALL OF YOU!!! even YOU grant miller. musical indeed.
Beth: I will tell all but we'd have to meet at a secure location.

JAG: Wouldn't that have been nice...

Lu: So, according to JAG, she rules the day!

AS: Ah well, one night's lost sleep was worth it to feed the habit. Keep Kids Off Pot(ter)!

GM: That would be one long musical. Although, The Complete Works of JK Rowling, Abridged, might be something for the Reduced Shakespeare Company to consider. You heard it here first!

HB: I thought you wanted to be Cho Chang. Whence comes all the bitterness?
wt--one of my high school friends is in Reduced Shakespeare--I'll pass along your suggestion.
i am waiting for my friend to finish reading her copy... but the risk i'm running here is someone spoiling it for me before i ever get the chance.

funny thing though... no one spoiled book 6 for me, and i was late to the party then.

i plan on splurging & getting the "trunk box set" when it comes out in Sept.

nice blog!
I've seen lots of people walking through stores and their lives reading the book. Someone told me who dies but my scar gets hot when I threaten to tell anyone.
BS: Thanks, and thanks for stopping by! I don't think anyone who has actually committed to reading the book would spoil it for you.

Dale: Dies, shmies. I finished it and am disappointed.
Disapointed eh? We should discuss. In person. So I can SEE you too. Missing ya in NYC,
I'm stuck reading text books for school and have given up all hope of ever reading a novel again.
Disappointed? Really. If you need more resolution, she did an online chat and fleshed out the surviving characters' futures quite a bit more.
Snix: I promise, I promise! We have to kidnap ltan too.

TenS: Don't give up hope. They'll still be there when you're done! :)

JAG: No thanks, the Epilogue was just fluff in my opinion. I was more let down by the revelations about Snape and how the final battle unfolded...
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