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Monday, August 20, 2007
This morning, in the middle of my kitchen floor, there was a dead mouse.

I had to sweep him onto a piece of cardboard and into a plastic bag.

At which point I discovered that he wasn't quite dead. He was dead enough not to move when I had stomped my feet on the floor and shouted, "ARE YOU DEAD?" but not dead enough to keep him from kicking his back legs a little when I touched him with the broom.

Ew. I was once walking down the stairs in the dark and kicked what I thought was a cat toy, only to find it was a dead bat. I made my dad stay on the phone with me while I removed it. I only did that after I failed to convince any of my male friends to come over and do it for me. I only married my husband so someone else could deal with my dead things.
You don't have a cat, so how did you end up with an almost dead mouse in the middle of the floor?

I'll trade you for my spider.
I now have THE most HA'LARIOUS image of you in your kitchen stomping and shouting at a tiny motionless mouse.
Thank you.
JAG: I REMEMBER that! The description of that incident was one of the funniest e-mails you ever sent.

Lu: I think it ate poison in my neighbor's apartment and then came over to my kitchen to die. At least it made it out from underneath the dryer. Can you imagine the smell?

HB: No, thank YOU.
I would still be screaming like a little girl.
Call me when you have had to rescue a LIVE mouse from your LIVE cat....alone.
Lulu - I'm with you on the spiders - HATE them. And the loooove my basement room. EEP!
Omigod! And you didn't move immediately??? You're brave.
See, if that happened here, one of the terriers would have promptly grabbed him and done a few victory laps around the house with him clutched in their jaws, twitching.
This makes me sad. As much as I don't want the creatures living in my house, I don't like to see them die. I'd be a vegetarian if I weren't a hypocritical fuck.
I'm with CP (except for the hypocritical fuck part). . .I'd have been sad for the poor little mousey.

Oh, and I also enjoy the image of you stomping about talking to a dead mouse. :-)
Dale: I think my scream was more like a little boy's, but why split hairs when there is a dead forest creature on your floor?

Snix: Why rescue it? Let nature take its course, man...

Beth: I felt riveted to the spot, and therefore incapable of packing. Does that make me sick?

Bubs: Sadly, we are not allowed to have pets. But I hope if we were, they wouldn't be putting out poison for the mice...

CP: It was sort of sad, especially the partially dead aspect. I'd be a vegetarian if I could eat cheese or wheat... well, no, I still probably wouldn't be a vegetarian.

Megan: I was sad, and horrified, but then again, they do carry disease. And poop on my couch.
dude, you don't eat cheese, remember, you're a lactard?
Yah, that's what I meant-- if I could happily eat cheese or wheat, it would be much easier to go the veggie route... especially when eating out.
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