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Monday, August 13, 2007
  Ways I Was A Wuss This Weekend
1. AnthemSled and I went to donate blood, but my iron was too low. I was secretly relieved. I can deal with the needles, it's the consciousness of my warm blood flowing away from me that gives me the icks. Even the prick test for my iron level made me feel a little woozy.

2. We had planned to go see The Bourne Ultimatum the previous evening, but after spending the rainy day in my underwear watching "Alias" DVDs, and the evening reading/talking about the recent horrific killings in Newark, I felt too anxious to leave the house.

3. The next day, Hapabukbuk and I went for a walk in the woods, where even the smallest hill made me short of breath. Then at the "hey it's the seventies, let's exercise outside!" stations along the trail, HB bested me with two chinups to my zero. I could only grab the bar and hop wildly.

In other news, if you type "98 lbs" (as in "98 lb weakling"--clever, right?) into Google Images, you get lots of pictures of naked ladies, from websites with names like "bigfuckingboobs" and "newcummers." Ew!
I have you bested in the wuss department. One weekend in college when we were broke, we decided to go sell plasma. It was about 100 degrees and I hadn't eaten all day. They pricked my arm to type my blood and I passed out cold right at the desk, in front of everyone. I woke up with my friends laughing at me. Sadder yet, that was going to be my beer money that night.
Thanks about the "98 lbs" thing!
woops babe! those results is just cause I clicked "do not filter my search results" before searching for images of Jennifer Connelly after we watched Labyrinth the other night (j/k she was like 14 at the time!)... which btw quickly sent me to a site called "" to which I will shortly upload several pictures of you taken recently with my cellphone (j/k ohmigod!)
I hate you folks with your seventy degrees. May I come stay with you?
TenS: Thank you; that actually makes me feel much better.

Grant: No problem. Anytime I find accidentally pornographic search terms, I'll send them your way.

AS: Ha ha.

Beth: Oh, well, I meant "It's the 1970s." It's actually been well into the 90s most days here... but you can come stay with me anyway!
I haven't donated blood ever since the "men who have had sex with men after 1977" restriction came into place. Even though now that thorough blood testing techniques have made that rule completely obsolete, the rule still exists and I still follow it. I have a feeling it's an excuse, but what am I supposed to do?
CP: That rule is fucked up and excuse or no, why should anyone have to feel like they are sneaking under the radar in order to give of their own bodies to help other people? If they want people to open their veins, they need to cut out the antiquated prejudicial crap.
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