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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
  Wonderturtle Adopts Ed Begley, Jr.
Some people around the blogworld have been putting up cute posts about "adopting" a character actor. They post a picture, and explain why this actor is underappreciated. I can't tell whether these posts are meant to be ironic. I can't decide that about this post either.

I hereby adopt Ed Begley, Jr.

Since Ed first came to my attention as Ruth's tool of a boyfriend on "Six Feet Under," I have harbored an inexplicable affection--some might say attraction--toward him. Imagine my delight when I realized, upon doing some research, that he was That Guy in most of Christopher Guest's mockumentaries and apparently, according to his website, starred in a 1977 feature called "Lust of a Eunuch."

I'm a little concerned about Ed's need for adoption. He bills himself on his website as "Actor and Activist," and has his own line of cleaning products called Begley's Best. He has also written a musical, and has his own TV show and a hot wife.

However, his That Guy status was recently confirmed when Anthemsled denied all knowledge of him. The fact that Anthemsled refers to all brown-haired actresses as Bebe Neuwirth in no way detracts from the value of this evidence.

Ed may not need me, but I need him. Consider "In Her Shell" his new adoptive home.
Sorry, I'm struggling here...three quickies

Is Ed's hot wife Bebe Neuwirth?

Could it be anything but a sign of this wanderers need for a home, that his claim to fame credit "St. Elsewhere?!!"

One more, is this man his long lost brother?

Please know that sometimes people say irony is lost on me.
I was totally not being ironic when I adopted Bruce Altman.
Aaron: Thanks for your questions. Ed's hot wife is not Bebe Neuwirth. I worried that that might cause confusion, but meant it only to clarify Anthemsled's dubious cred at character actor identification. Thank you for mentioning "St. Elsewhere"! I did not know how to work that into the post, but wanted to. And lastly, you may be right. Perhaps it's time for the Clarion Content to make an adoption of its own...

Lu: Thanks for the clarification. I really do love Ed Begley, Jr. I just don't know if I'm enviro-cool enough for him.
I've loved The Begley since he was on "St. Elsewhere." Supposedly, he takes the bus around L.A., he's so environmentally conscious. I respect that, but I need to leave some carbon toeprints.
I also read Mr. Begley is very similar to Milton Berle, if you know what I mean.
I heard that, too.
Beth: Carbon toeprints! I love it!

Grant: What do you mean? He likes cigars?
i LOVE BEBE!! anthemsled just totally scored points with me. and i didn't think he could score any higher!
I would say "She-Devil" is his most important artistic work.
That movie was like a train wreck from which I could not look away.
ps. In my dream last night I applied for a job at Home Depot and the manager who interviewed me was played by Ed Begley, Jr.
I'm glad you adopted him because I've abandoned him. I also heard he likes cigars, Berle style.
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