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Sunday, September 23, 2007
  One Reason I Haven't Posted In A While
Because this

happened to my car.
That sucks! Were you hit ... or just enraged enough to yank it off the car door?
What the hell happened?
Oh no! That sucks! It happened to me twice in Kentucky and it enraged me to the point that I almost yanked off the other one...
I have a very similar side mirror, in navy blue, that I keep in the trunk of my car. Originally, I was hoping someday to reattach it to the passenger's side of said car.

Now, I find I miss it less than I thought I would. Perhaps, because I learned to drive in Jersey.
that sucks!! i'm sorry! i hope my brother didn't do it! ;/
Thanks for all the sympathy... Here's the backstory:

I went into the pharmacy to drop off a prescription. They didn't have it, and told me to come back the next day. When I returned to my car in the parking lot, the mirror looked like that and there were big streaks along the side of the car. I stood dumbfounded until some witnesses ran up and said they saw an "old lady in a white car" hit my car. I didn't know what to do with this info until they said, "There she is!" She had parked a short distance away, and one of the witnesses ran up and told her to get out her insurance card because "you really messed up this lady's car." She was really old and seemed unaware of what had happened, but yet not surprised. Her insurance co. is sending me a check, but I don't know yet if the body shop will like their estimate. So no, Song, it wasn't Anthemsled, but he did wedge it back on so I've been able to drive it for the last week. :)
Oh, so the moral of the story is: it's a good thing the pharmacy didn't have my prescription.
Another drug related accident. Tsk tsk.
It's true. THIS is why the government shouldn't subsidize these people's prescriptions! :p
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