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Thursday, October 25, 2007
I received a piece of mail today marked "SECOND NOTICE." Even though this was printed in bright red, in faux stamp-style font, I still thought, Maybe I should open this, just to see what it is. Thank goodness I did!

The letter began as follows:

Dear Wonderturtle,

Imagine yourself in a professional environment, working with people who are as motivated as you are -- people who respect you and your abilities.

Sound good?

Hell yes!

If so, we need to talk.

The future becomes the present before you know it.

So true.
Why put off the things that matter most -- like getting the training for the career and future you deserve?
This is exactly what I've been fretting about -- I can't believe I almost didn't open this letter!

You can start getting the skills you need for a rewarding career and a better life
A rewarding career? AND a better LIFE?

RIGHT NOW... and finish in less time than you realize.
Holy crap. I have been worried about time and saving money... this dude (Brad Buchanan, Executive Vice President) really knows me!

Wonderturtle, the time is NOW! Think about your future.
Oh, I'm thinking, Brad.
What kind of career and life do you want?
A rewarding one! A better one!
Make it happen -- respond with the green "YES" sticker today!
Um, well, OK. I never thought revolutionary change could start with a green "YES" sticker, but
Don't have a High School diploma? We may be able to help.
Oh. I do, actually.

YES! I want more information about the career fields marked below!
Health Care
Medical Insurance Billing & Coding
Pharmacy Technician
Massage Therapy
Not Sure

Just check me off for the last one, Brad. I want to fix public education but not leave the front of the classroom, get a more advanced degree and be a perpetual student, wear jeans to work and draw inspiration from my supervisors, be creative and sleep late and be published, and feel (at least on most days) like I am working for and within an organization whose mission I wholeheartedly support. Can you still help me?
I think it's obvious. You must devote yourself to opening a chain of vaguely hippy charter schools all over the nation, hopefully without personally draining your meager bank account. Write back to Brad and see if he can fund your venture.
if you can handle the low three monthly payments of only 39.99 for the starter "Get Your Career On Track, Let Me Pick Your Lane!" book, he can so help you.
If he can, I've love to join you in the Class of 20forever.
you know what I am going to say.

I can't offer all of those things, but I can offer jeans, a supportive and competent administration, creativity, and as this is a nonprofit school, an organization that I believe in. Still gotta get up early though.
I have some Reader's Digest mail I've just been throwing away. Is that wrong?
Hmmm, not that different than my job. I only hate it on occasion, but generally love it. Sometimes I feel bad that I like my job.
Oh, gawd, I hate teaching. Is Brad picky? You can send ME that letter...
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