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Thursday, December 13, 2007
  A Brief List Of Things I Have Strong Feelings About
1. Toaster Ovens.
Brilliant. Maybe this is leftover Easy-Bake Oven fixation, but I feel so capable when I use a toaster oven. So simple, but without the scary open flame. Even though one once caught on fire because my roommate let cheese drip onto the bottom and didn't clean it off.

2. My Winter Coat.
Every day I zip up the little inner lining, I love this coat just as much as I did the day I bought it. The six-month hiatus only increased my delight when I pulled it off the rack on the first day the temperature dipped below freezing.

3. Umbrellas.
I have seen through the bullshit on umbrellas, people. They do not keep anyone dry and are annoying to carry around, folded up or open. Break free!

That is all. I told you it would be brief.
Thank God someone finally had the guts to tell the truth about umbrellas.

MizBubs just bought a winter jacket that she also feels strongly about.
that wasn't so bad was it slacker? you a little cold now?
Umbrellas are useful when it's raining but not windy.

My feelings toward my slippers and sandals are similar to the way you cherish your Winter Coat.
I feel strongly about other people's umbrellas but mine I like.
I've always felt I could work wonders with a toaster oven. Sadly we lack the available counter space and if we get rid of the microwave I won't know what time it is or be able to make popcorn.
I have always felt winter, and winter coats create a too many pockets problem. Fishing around for my keys in the winter is like the most unsatisfying self-groping ritual.

Oh wait, I guess the purse ameliorates this whole that may be the most random, "It's a guy thing," I have ever discovered.
I adored my toaster oven. Then I set fire to the kitchen. Stay in the room when toasting, that's my advice.
Bubs! Thank you for the support on umbrellas. I expected some more backlash.

HB: Yes thanks for the push. I can't feel my fingers.

Grant: My heart is warmed at your nerdy love for slippers and sandals.

Dale: I feel the same way about cars. Actually, I generally hate everyone when I'm in my car. Can't they get out of the way?!

TLWDL: HA HA! I love it. I kind of like not knowing what time it is though.

Aaron: Thank you for the phrase "most unsatisfying self-groping ritual." If you'd said "a" instead of "the" it would sound British!

Lu: You always got my back.

Thanks all for coming around to post even after my long stretches of slackdom. There really isn't any heat in the computer room.
Hmmm, my daughter, who is Lulu's child in many ways also set fire to toast in the toaster oven. I see a trend. Glad you like your coat. Hoods, people. So much easier than an umbrella.
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