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Monday, March 17, 2008
  Please Advise
When someone is telling a story that you've heard already, but the person forgot that they told you, but you know that other people in the group haven't heard the story so you can't say, "Yeah, you told me about that," but the person is looking at you for a reaction, do you pretend you are hearing it for the first time, which could backfire later if the person remembers that they told you and wonders why you forgot about it so fast, or do you just nod sagely, which might make the person think you don't give a crap about their story?
React. But tone it down. If you were shocked the first time, just raise your eyebrows this time. If you cracked up last time, smile the second time. Then, you give enough of a crap to react, but if they remember telling it you can just act like it was a really great story. So great, you reacted again!
The Jersey aikido girl has the tone just right WT, some emotion, some sage nodding, a smile, maybe even a little verbal prompting to underline that you listened and got details the first time. We all re-tell the good stories.
just shout not this crappy story again and storm out.
then later claim stomach issues made you cranky.
works for me.
A little of both.
JAG and Aaron: That sounds about right. I usually try that, but still feel awkward. Maybe I am just awkward.


GM: I will try. Nodding sagely while shouting will at least be something new.
I wouldn't storm out, I'd roll my eyes and just walk away. Okay, I wouldn't.
Dale: I've been known to roll my eyes and pretend I was just looking at the ceiling. It doesn't work that well.
I am not sure. One time I told one of my favorite stories to my cousin, and when I was done "that's the second time I've heard that and I really enjoyed it both times." I asked him why he didn't stop me and he said it was because he liked the story.
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