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Sunday, March 30, 2008
  Some More Things I Like
1. When I'm sitting at a red light, and the green left turn arrow comes on, and someone in front of me releases their brakes momentarily, because they thought it was their green light. Ha ha.

2. Snacks.
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Maybe my mindset is influenced by having come from "Post Secret," but I must 'fess. I have, on more than one occasion, been second in line at the light in that scenario, and rear ended the person in front of me. Why didn't they go? Oh, you say the light didn't actually change? Oops, my bad.

In both cases, they were way more understanding than I might have been...great, make me feel like an idiot and a bad person, thanks, pal.
Someone rear ended me like that too! Or almost like that. When my light turned green I took my foot off the brake, but then waved on the left turner holding up a huge line of cars on the other side. The woman behind me assumed I had went and plowed right into my tiny nissan with her enormous chevy blazer. Not pretty.
i was absolutely forced into going food shopping because i was out of snacks. it was close to tragic.
I like your blog... it makes me feel good reading it.
Aaron and SIHS: I actually only enjoy this so much because it is a rare occasion that I am NOT fooled by the green arrow, even at lights I pass under every day. When I actually remember, it makes me feel clever.

HB: How can you run OUT of snacks? Don't you have a stash of reserve snacks???

Miss Alex: Thanks! That's such a nice thing to say. :)
I snack on your blog and I like it. I would never rear end it.
What I like is when the jerk who speeds around me on my right and then cuts in front of me and floors it is pulled over further up the road by Officer Friendly. Makes me happy.
Snacks. Ha ha, that was funny. Who wouldn't like snacks?
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