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Thursday, April 03, 2008
  Some Things I Was Wrong About
It's all about lists lately here in the shell. And although I am famed for my overwhelming accuracy and astute predictions, here are some things that turned out differently, and statements I now rescind.

1. "Zach Braff is cool."
2. "Mandy Moore is not cool."
3. "The American people will never elect George W. Bush president."
4. "I don't think I'm going to like this Fight Club movie."
5. "There is no way the American people will re-elect George W. Bush."
6. "I will never become a teacher."
7. What that Irish guy mumbled in that movie I watched with Anthemsled.
Yeah like, Mandy Moore, I never thought I'd like, think Mandy Moore was cool, but, like, that stint as Vince's squeeze on Entourage, it just won me over. She seemed so, like, real, ya know?

No, I am not kidding. (mostly)
When did Zach hit the uncool list? Maybe I'm on that list, too ...
Zach is a little too full of himself, isn't he? Although, ironically, it was Mandy Moore's stint on Scrubs that made me like her.
Why couldn't George W. and Al Gore have just thrown down and fought it out leaving Mandy Moore to take over while they were busy. She at least might have been a little more influenced by the people.
Zach Braff bugs the crap out of me.
Why someone wouldn't have been in love with Mandy after "Saved" is beyond me. I am filled with Christ's love!

I have another friend who loves "Fight Club" - I've never had a chance to watch it but have always been curious.
I love the fact that Mandy Moore has received the most attention on this post. CP, of course, understands me best with "Saved" having won me over to her camp. However, the Entourage and Scrubs appearances did not hurt. Her latest album, however, which was falsely advertised as being Regina Spektor-esque, did some damage to my opinion. Don't buy it. You probably didn't need that warning.

And yes Lu, after thinking he was so dreamy in "Garden State," I began to suspect that Zach is, in fact, kind of a prick. The kind of guy you start talking to at a party who seems really cute and cool, but soon you realize that he only wants to hear himself talk and doesn't care if you're funny.
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