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Monday, June 23, 2008
  Still Dancing
It's the last week of school. Every other district in the county (OK, every other district) is out for the summer by now. We have final exams and for me, grading advanced junior exams (four essays each), it is somewhat torturous. I'm sure the kids feel that way too.

It was a tough year. The state test pressure hit us hard, and even though the scores are in, the higher-ups are being remarkably cagey about whether any of that time and curriculum-sacrifice did us any good. It seems that most of the students who live in district but attend special schools have failed the exam, and their scores count against us, even though they don't attend our school. We may well be on the watch list yet again.

I'm still trying to decide whether to cave and add extra points to the quarter grades of my students who did well on the state test, as I've been instructed to do. I think it's gross, but it may not be a battle I have the energy for right now.

I got some really nice letters from my students this year. It helps when I'm questioning my choice to work in this building, in this profession. It was a tough year.

All of it gets put into perspective when I think about floods, ethanol and Mugabe, among all the rest. I'm tired.

By some whim I wandered over to YouTube today and stumbled across this. I think it's an updated version, but it doesn't much matter-- it still makes me cry, it still makes me feel jealous, it still makes me feel good.

You teach because it's who you are. Schools suck, admins suck, policy sucks, but kids are great.

I'm home, phone's on, and I'm planning a trip to NYC hopefully.


sweet sassy. what is it about this that's so emotional? i can't believe i'm tearing up. 1:50 tagatay, philippines! i've been there! it's absolutely beautiful. it's a volcano within a volcano. i want to go back. wanna come?
Lu, thank you. And I reallyreally REally hope you get to New York!!! Call me soon.

HB: I think there's something about dancing that is so pure, and something about all these people all over the world just being goofy together, and something about this dude who doesn't seem to be afraid to go anywhere and make friends. And, YES!
who is this dude? and how can he afford to go all these places?? inspired yes, but jealous too!
I have no idea. That video camera is probably the only thing he owns.
He's sponsored by a gum company.
And to add... Lu sent me a link with an article about the guy that says he was originally a video game designer who got tired of the focus on violence.
yeah, i later went to his blog and read all about how he did the first one on his own and then got sponsored by stride gum to do an even longer and farther-ranging trip. on his FAQs page he lists "how can i get someone to sponsor me to travel" and his answer basically amounts to "i have no idea, i just got lucky!" he also has a blog about all the places he's visited - it's pretty interesting.
Thanks for the link! It is fascinating, though somewhat infuriating.
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