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Sunday, July 20, 2008
I often feel like I'm wearing a costume. Not in a metaphorical, "we all have a face that we hide away forever" kind of way, but literally. Maybe it comes from my community theatre upbringing.

Today as I was leaving for the Farmer's Market I noted that I was wearing one of my mother's hand-me-down wrap skirts, an orange tank top, a head scarf, and flip flops. The Hippie Costume. Whenever I go to the gym (not that often, in fits and starts really) I put on the Jock Costume: sports bra, ankle socks, sneakers, tight tank and some form of sweatpants. When I wear my What Would Joan Jett Do (W.W.J.J.D?) t-shirt with green pants and a belt, that is my Hipster Costume. The button-down shirts and slacks I wear 10 months out of the year is my Teacher Costume, although that has gotten more and more erratic since I got tenure.

I don't think I'm necessarily trying to fool anyone with these costumes; I think they all represent facets of my personality and I've always enjoyed playing Dress Up. An actor friend once posited that the reason many women get so hyped up about their traditional weddings and wedding dresses is because they get to Dress Up and be the Center of Attention, and that if you've been on stage a fair amount, of course your wedding is still exciting and wonderful, but it doesn't so much need to be All About the Bride.

I went to a wedding last night where no one was in costume. We were all dressed up, including the bride and groom, but they are just such wonderful, down to earth people, and so in love, and so loveable, and their ceremony and reception absolutely reflected that. They looked beautiful, but absolutely like themselves.
I have a similar hippie costume for the farmer's market. I like that one better than my usual harried woman shopping at the supermarket after work costume.
I went to Pitchfork this weekend, and I was amazed at the number of girls (and guys)in costume--fedoras, pointless headbands (worn across the forehead, 80s style)It was a little like being around a couple thousand Matt and Johnathon's.
LWDL: Thanks for the solidarity!

Lu: Ick, don't invoke those names. Please tell me I'm not as self-conscious as those tools.
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