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Wednesday, July 09, 2008
  Dream Blogging
I dreamed last night that I was working on an elaborate blog post about a new MTV ad campaign.

It began when I saw an ad on TV for a new MTV show (or possibly new trend; it was unclear, plus I don't actually have cable in real life) about girls doing sumo wrestling. The main character was stick-thin with long blond hair (some realism) and the tagline was something like, "The latest distraction that boys like!"

I was so dedicated to this post that I toted my laptop to MTV studios in New York to write it as I did research on the set of the half hour show that was created solely to promote this female sumo wrestling trend. I remember making a note on my laptop that the show also starred "the guy who plays Peter's brother on Heroes." Who during this dream I found very hot.

As I was leaving the building, totally disgusted by what I saw, I stopped at the snack counter in the lobby. The slightly dotty old woman behind the counter seemed to think I was a regular there, and apologized because the high-powered executive lady in line in front of me had bought every last homemade chocolate frosted cupcake she had. She offered to mush a big chocolate chip cookie into a muffin tin for me, and I accepted. On the way out another woman asked me where I had gotten it.

Out on the sidewalk, I realized that I was way, way uptown, so far uptown that it looked totally suburban, and I would have to walk all the way down to Penn Station. Also I was on Fifth Avenue, and was trying to decide when to cut over to Eighth. I felt unsafe and wanted to cut over in a more populated area.

As I approached the corner, everyone who passed me was wearing an outlandish hat. I realized that I might miss my train, and started to run.
your dreams are way detailed. and you remember them.
Dude. There are so many things in that dream.....I would see a competent therapist.

And yes, we are on for brunch on that Sunday, not sure if CP and pg are coming yet.
sumo wrestling? we must look into this. pitch it to fox. it's sure to be picked up. we'll be millionaires. ok get started.
I can say without a doubt - the cookies at MTVN aren't that great. Neither are the cupcakes. But if you still want to come and pitch, I can probably still get you in.
JAG: It's true; probably because of my strange eating habits, and extreme self absorption.

Lu: Hooray! And I've been trying to work up the courage for years. PS. Tell CP and pg that I'll be sad if they aren't there.

HB: I think you may have missed the tone of outrage in my dream blog post. Next time you are asleep, try to go online and read it.

Snix! I was so hoping you would get to comment on this one. :)
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