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Monday, August 04, 2008
  My Place In The Compound
If the apocalypse came I might not qualify for the end of the world compound. I have been fretting for several years over this. I just don't have any useful skills; I don't know how to build things or fix things, I don't have any particular mechanical or gardening genius, and my cooking skills are not particularly standout. I couldn't even be the compound's minstrel, unless he/she needed someone to sing along.

With this in mind, and also in search of a creative outlet to focus on that does not involve my job or looking for a house, I decided to learn how to sew. I made a wrap skirt a few years ago on a borrowed sewing machine, using an existing wrap skirt as a pattern, and it was fun. It's totally uneven and weird-looking, but I enjoyed it and feel proud enough of my work to at least wear it around the house.

So today I bought a sewing machine. It was less expensive than I thought it would be, and I am looking forward to learning how to really use it, although I am somewhat intimidated by the bobbin.
You could write and then sew a mean S.O.S. I'd count on you!
Do what I did. Marry someone that they'll need in the end of the world bunker and then tell him he has to refuse to go without you.
Thanks Dale. If the compound needs a blogger, and I'm already in on some other technicality, I'll pick you! Or at least recommend you strongly to the committee.

JAG: Heh. PS. Your husband is totally in my bunker. That sounds worse than I mean it.
Don't let that little ole' bobbin scare you, darlin.
Thanks! I made a t-shirt this week (heavily supervised) and the bobbin was the most temperamental part of the machine. But it largely got cranky when I made stupid mistakes, like forgetting to put the foot down.
you can't be the sewer in the bunker! i have to be the sewer in the bunker! (or fast develop another skill!) ;)
you know, most fabric store offer sewing classes....

I can make cheese....can I be in the compound?
Lulu- as cheese-maker you have to specialize in goats and sheep to get into Wonderturtle's bunker.
sihs- the bunker has room for many a seamstress. It will be a team effort, ya know?
My primary bunker skill will be cheese-taster.
SIHS: You have so many other skills, I'm sure you're a shoo-in for the bunker.

Lu: If I'm allowed to decide who gets to stay in the bunker, I will cut people with monster-truck force, but you of course will be in.

AS: There must be goats, right? Who is in charge of making sure the goats get into the bunker? Maybe that could be your job too.
i thought AS was supposed to be the minstrel... :)
He is-- he just wants to tie up cheese-taster early.
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