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Monday, October 27, 2008
  On Being Terrified
We are really buying a house. As in, the sellers have agreed and the attorneys have agreed and the mortgage company has agreed, and in two months all of that theoretical responsibility will become actual payments and repairs and dusting and scrubbing and neighbors we're stuck with for the foreseeable future. And that heart-and-mind commitment we've made to each other will become bricks-and-mortar too. And I thought getting the family plan on our cell phones was a pretty big deal.

The fireplace and the deck and the view of the hills in the distance, the setting up our books on new shelves and walking to the post office, the Thai restaurant or the tattoo parlor are all things that calm the palpitations a bit. The writing checks toward an end, instead of a black hole, and the building something together, something we've chosen together--these are things I've wanted for a long time. But after a decade of renting (and seven different apartments, and eleven different roommates) and a longer list of relationships that fizzled out before I got comfortable calling someone 'boyfriend,' I'm actually facing these things that I've wanted and getting these things that I've wanted and it is new, and overwhelming.
and so very very exciting....don't forget to take the time to enjoy this.
congrats!!! i can't wait to see it. -snix
That's just excellent! I love the part about getting the family plan on your cellphones, hilarious!
Congratulations. But interest rates are supposed to go down again this week. Just thought you should know.

Although, if you really have cold feet, we have an opening in my department net year.
Thank you everybody. I am excited, just still getting that shortness of breath whenever I think about the money.

Lu, you are evil... in a good way.
thank you. I think.
That downpayment check almost left me breathless. Congrats! Beer makes it all feel better and champagne makes it feel like a triumph.
Yes I am dreading that, for sure. But who needs savings anyway?? Money just drags you down, man! Right...? I will keep that in mind about the champagne, thanks. :)
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