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Sunday, December 07, 2008
  Adventures Of Cranky McGram-Gram
Some friends took us to see a show at the Bowery Ballroom last night. We got there early and hung out in the hip, red-lit basement bar, knocking back Jack and Gingers and signing a petition for Oxfam. When they opened the doors about 9:00 we went upstairs and staked out some prime real estate front and center, just a few yards from the stage. The first opening band was pretty tight, even if their music wasn't totally interesting, then after about twenty minutes of setup the second opening band went on and they were better and rocked well. I was bopping and swaying along noncommittally, surveying the scene, trying not to be too judgey, and thinking wistfully about my time as a city dweller, how I could have made it different or better, what I miss about it and why I left. By the time 11:00 rolled around and roadies were setting up for the headliner, I was sitting on the floor thinking, this has been nice, but it's crowded, my back hurts and I'm ready to go home. Even the good-smelling, funny gay man who helped us stake out our territory when people started trying to push closer to the front couldn't lighten my mood. About three songs in I was angrily elbowing the chick next to me who just wanted to sing along and dance around, but she wanted to do it in my area, and I had to pee, and it was too hot, and I realized that I am old and there is a reason I stopped going to see bands in the city.
I have to pee right now but I don't dare, not until I've read and commented :-) We need to hang out sometime. We're the same person, just different names.
I LOVE going to shows, but I have rules now. Now all-ages shows, no shows that start super late, and no trying to be in the front row.

I'm going to Naked Raygun while I am home, with TenS.
oh, I am so with you. about a year ago I went to see my favorite dj in the city, and I got there nice and early, staked out territory, etc etc. not only did the dj in question not come on until 3AM(!) (I had gotten there at 10pm which is REALLY early for clubs), but once he finally did I was so tired at all the banging and pushing and noise and smoke (even though people aren't supposed to smoke inside in NY they still sneak it) I only made it through about 20 minutes of his set before I was like "I can't take any more." it's a bummer sometimes to be cranky and old, but it's hard to change how you feel.
This is why opening bands are nice but sometimes you gotta say fuck 'em I'm not showing up till when eve the opening band is gonna start. Course all of us should prob get more sleep/naps before attempting to go to a show. It just makes people's bullshit so much easier to deal with.
Sorry you had to pee, sadly it happens to us all...hell I pooped for a good 20 min during the the rest room of course.
Dale: I am all in favor of us hanging out! The problem is the best meeting place is probably a city...

Lu: I think you would be able to take care of me if we went to a show together. Wasn't it you who fed me M&Ms at the outlet mall when I started to get cranky?

SiHS: Thank you! That sounds horrible. Maybe we won't ever understand why people love doing that, because we don't do cocaine.

Andy: Thanks as always for the overshare, and for the strategies for next time. If there is ever a next time. :) And thanks for stopping by!
How can we clear out a city just for us I wonder?

Happy Holidays and all the best Wonderturtle!
Thanks Dale!
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