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Saturday, February 21, 2009
  Reasons Why Twilight Is A Big Steaming Pile

I'm only 100 pages in, but so far:

-The heroine has been 'rescued' twice by the guy
-The guy has generally been a dick to her in every conversation they have, including laughing at almost everything she says, making her feel stupid, glaring at her viciously making her wonder what she did wrong, and sending her mixed signals by ignoring her, then summoning her to sit with him at lunch and telling her that he's really dangerous, and she shouldn't be hanging out with him
-The guy has physically overpowered her, over her protests, twice--once to carry her to the nurse's office and once to drag her by the back of her coat to his car

I can understand why so many of my students love this--the ones who went to the midnight showing of the movie when it opened and wore the t-shirt to school the next day are the really good girls, the ones who belong to all the school choruses. They care about school and are only friends with other girls. The bland main character of Twilight, who is smart but shy, mature beyond her years, and physically awkward, moves to a new town and is suddenly the object of every guy's affection. Of course, the only one she wants, against her better judgment, is the bad boy loner.

And of course he wants her too. But then we get into all that creepy, abusive relationship behavior that she can't resist, and the creepier Mormon overtones because they can't even dry-hump without him totally losing control, she's such a temptress and he's such a beast.

I'm reading it, finally, because of these students of mine who are so obsessed with it. They take out each successive sequel in between quizzes and class discussions, and devour them voraciously. I'm trying to remember how I would have romanticized these characters when I was their age, and trying not to get too twisted up about it, but it's still disturbing.
My girls just roll their eyes and make vague gagging motions and sounds every time it's mentioned. They're not, needless to say, fans. As our eldest said, "vampires are so...done.

Let me know what you think.
Thank God! It is getting crappier with every page.
wt, sorry to say, i loved every book. that said, i've been a vamp lover for years. i hope this doesn't affect our friendship ;) i do agree with many of the things you wrote and think it'd be far different if i were 16 and not, GASP almost 35 when i read them. -snix
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