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Monday, February 02, 2009
  Two Important Things
One: all evening I have been listening to the chattering, squeaking, shuffling sounds of some sort of rodent (I'm guessing) in the basement or possibly under the stairs. It's so loud that I can hear it while sitting in the living room with the basement door closed. It also sounds a little bit like steam escaping from a pipe, or the slow turn of a rusty old wheel, but the fact that it stops when I turn on the basement light or step on the basement stairs makes me suspect that it is sentient. Anyone with thoughts on what type of creature this might be or how to rid my basement of it, please comment.
Two: We got engaged! Holy crap, right?

And possibly it's a squirrel?

Are we talking removing it from your basement dead or alive? Like it must go at all costs? Or more like, well I hope this creature can continue its happy existence elsewhere, just not in my basement?

If dead is an option, rat poison will do the trick, though be vigilant, you don't want it to be dead in your house for long. Icky smell.

If it must live, perhaps you could adopt a bigger more intimidating critter to scare the squeaky wheel out of living in your basement...

Congratulations! (Not on the rodent, of course.)

We had success with a live trap if you want to go the compassionate route.
I can lend you Scout for the weekend. She's awfully cute and good and solving rodent issues. Unless it IS a squirrel in which case...I am not sure.

Are you sure Andy isn't just still there running around? ;)

and congrats, AGAIN!
If it is a small squirrel, a rat trap (humane or otherwise) baited with peanut butter always works in my parents' house. But I think now that you are engaged, all living thing removal is AnthemSled's job.
As far as I know I'm not still in the basment, unless I have left a split part of my spirit down there. Get a wiji board and let me know...yikes that would be awkward.

Squirresl can be fun, but perhaps it's a Fraggel? Those Doozers are cute but the never really liked to work around people.

On the grim, non Henson note meg's cat loves squirrels, particularly their heads...yeesh who wants a squirrel skull? Anyone seen Chip?
- Cortez Curtis

PS - Don't forget the movable radiator in your struggle with strange noises. Won't help with ghosts but it will take care of those cold spots they leave behind.
Forget the mouse! What?
Thanks all for the advice and the congratulations! I knew I could turn to you for support. See above for the full story. :)
Many congratulations on your engagement. It's bats, I'm sure of it! But only because I read from top to bottom.
Thanks. :)
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