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Wednesday, March 11, 2009
  Things I Feel Bad About
1. I regularly foist books on other people and insist that they MUST read them. Then, if they don't read them right away, I get irritated. However, I prefer to pick out my own books and when someone loans a book to me I procrastinate and rarely finish it.

2. I can't stop watching Veronica Mars. Someone loaned me Season 1 and even though I think it's pretty bad, I watch 3 episodes every afternoon and will continue until they run out. I've had this song in my head for the last week and today I actually IMDB'ed this guy.
Re:2 It keeps getting better and soon you will be obsessed with it. Then, you will be sad when you reach the end of season 3 and have no resolution to the cliffhanger. Not that I have any experience with this or anything...

veronica mars is totally entertaining. i was never faithful, but i appreciated the smart ass independent girl lead as you know i would.
JAG: I am committing to not watching Season 2. Though I thoroughly enjoyed 1, it made me feel dirty.

HB: See above. Sorry about all those books I've foisted on you.
dude - i love veronica mars. it has some terrible soap opera-y moments about it, but it's a fantastic guilty pleasure. though the end was, as previously stated, disappointing. also, i'd be shocked if you make it to the end of season one and don't find yourself NEEDING to see another episode.
I was curious, but just hopped over to Television Without Pity and got the capsule summaries for the next few eps. However, Logan did appear in my dream last night. He had two big dogs that ran away from him and I tried in vain to hide them in my neighbor's houses. In the neighborhood I grew up in. Hm.
I totally <3 Kristen Bell. VM was a great show but the network marketed it poorly. Really, it's too bad.
I have to say, I'm surprised.
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