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Thursday, May 14, 2009
  Dear Barack Obama, We Are In A Fight
Not to be a stalker or anything, but I sent a strongly worded (and, perhaps, even inspirational) letter to you through your online "form." It was about merit pay for teachers. I asked when you would be forming your task force on education and I secretly hoped you would ask me to be on it. But I heard nothing back--not even an automated e-mail saying thanks for the message we read them all but kiss off.

I did, however, receive positive feedback on my letter when I modestly e-mailed it to all of my family and friends.

A few weeks later, passionate enough about it, I printed out my strongly worded letter and, after attaching a Post-It note with a little FYI about the online "form" snafu, snail-mailed it to you at the White House.

Still nothing.

I mean, it has been weeks! For someone who is purportedly "committed to creating the most open and accessible administration in American history," you are really falling down on the response time. For Pete's sake, George W. Bush used to write back to me all the time! We were regular pen pals! Of course, he had a real e-mail address, that he could set up with an automated reply message. He probably did not have, as your website advertises, a Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace page. Dude, I don't have one of those either.

I really believed in you, and now you don't even stand up for polar bears. What the heck.
First he blocks the release of the torture photos, and now this. What can I believe in?
Maybe you should post the letter on your blog. I for one would like to read it.
Bubs: I just read in the Washington Post all about Obama being 'unafraid to disappoint his allies.' I guess that's a good thing in a politician? ?

Lu: I can't believe I didn't send it to you already. I guess I figured you were unscathed by US public education woes anymore...
send it to me. I am may not teach in the public schools anymore, but I still have a hell of a lot of opinions, (and a vote).
Any word from President Barry yet?
Only about a half dozen mass e-mails about health care.
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