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Tuesday, June 02, 2009
  Insight Into Me, For Those With A Morbid Curiosity, Or: Why I Haven't Written Anything For Weeks
Oh ma ga what if it rains? What if it's so hot people are miserable and don't want to dance? What if we can't find a venue we like or agree on? If we can't afford what we want? If the food isn't good? Where are we going to find a cool rabbi that we feel a connection to? How am I going to explain to all the sensitive people in my life what their roles will be during the ceremony? How do people pay for this without going into debt? What if we manage to pay for it, or put it on credit, or whatever, and then the boiler breaks? This photographer website looks really cool, I must have her. This one looks cool too. This one looks cool too. Who will alter my dress and how do I explain exactly what I want? Hm, a forum for brides in the UK. I think I will read it for ideas, even though I can't take most of them because they all relate to living in the UK. I must pore over this forum, I must read every word. What is the optimal combination of search terms for "unique wedding venue NJ" that will unlock Google's treasure trove of unique wedding venues in NJ that I know it is hiding from me? Am I a bad person if I order calla lilies in bulk online and arrange them myself, even though they are not native to this area or in season, and were probably grown with illegal pesticides by exploited child laborers? I'd like to have barbequed ribs, and also sushi, and speakers with an Ipod. I'd like to feel more confident when calling caterers. I'd like our wedding to be a perfect, shining, beautiful, clever expression of who we are as people and where we've come from and where we are going, individually and collectively, and I'd like everyone in attendance to smile the whole time and exclaim over how cool everything is and stay until the very last call, when they drag their feet off the dance floor with a kind of sweet despair that it ever has to end. I'd like to not care what people think. I'd like to do this knowing that everyone, everywhere has the right to do this and be legally wed. I'd like to turn off the computer and stop thinking about it.
feeling a little stressed?
deep breaths, dear.
cmh: only on days that end in y!

JAG: I'm trying. Did you learn that in your new classes? ;)
No. I learned that trying to plan a wedding with my mother, sisters and closest girls all over 100 miles away. There were a lot of tears.
I love that you've finally embraced your inner Bridezilla.

DO you really want to arrange calla lilies the day of your wedding? DO you trust someone else to do it? (personally, I always thought those 2 dozen for 10 dollar rose bouquets from Costco were the ideal wedding flower-buy some vintage vases or mason jars, stuff them in, and voila, instant country wedding)

What's wrong with ribs and sushi?

And what's wrong with programing your iPod?

It's YOUR wedding. Do what makes YOU happy.
i will love everything. i will dance til the end. i will constantly exclaim how cool everything is. AND i will mean all of it. i promise. and i will not add to your stress in any way! no matter what you tell me is my role (big or small) i will smile and say thanks! :) (and tho i may not seem it regarding these types of matters, i'm here to help if you need me!)
ps. you know, provided i'm invited that is. ;)
Lu: She's more like Bridespazza. Thanks for the reminders, though. Keep em coming.

HB: I love you.
what HB said. I'll do her one more and say I'll offer to help plan. I'm getting pretty good at it these days. Lil sis will be done on 6/27, any day after 6/29 I'm yours (just don't tell AC and Rach I said that).
big kisses from nyc - snix
Thank you lovely! I will need all the support and sisterly love I can get.
All I can say is, yes.
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