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Monday, July 13, 2009
  Something Is Wrong With Me

This staggering conclusion was reached this afternoon when I persisted in leafing through Martha Stewart Weddings (Summer 2009), which I had actually PURCHASED this morning, even though it had just been the catalyst for a ridiculous fight with Anthemsled. L. told me when we got engaged that I wouldn't have to bother buying any of those wedding magazines, because people would just give them to me. Pff, I thought, I don't want those stupid wedding magazines anyway. Which I guess everyone could tell because no one gave me any. So I had to go out and spend six dollars on this one.

I wouldn't spend six dollars on a used paperback in an independent bookstore this weekend, but I would spend six dollars on this. Exhibit A.

I think it's the ennui of the summer. I know no one will feel bad for me on this, but as a teacher, most of my creative energy goes into my job, and most of my bitching energy goes into complaining about that. But now, two weeks into my vacation and I am gnawing on wedding shit like a beaver who needs to keep filing down his teeth.

Some brief research into past In Her Shell summers supports this. When I wrote anything, it was largely about celebrities or weird dreams I was having. Or both. Exhibit B. Last week I dreamed that I was in a play with Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph and that doofy guy from The Office. Maya Rudolph warned me not to get too close to him, but I was intrigued.
well first of all, your mom DID get you that rad book full of wedding things. second of all, i totally would have bought you those magazines (that is my typical engagement gift!) I assumed you already had them! and thirdly - the doofus from the office is Jim. Well his character's name is. *sigh* i heart Jim. -snix
Thanks Snix. You're right about the book, although it didn't have much in the way of useful suggestions. But it was entertaining. And you've also called me out on those magazines, because I didn't really want them, just the Martha Stewart one. And lastly, I do heart Jim too, but after about season 3, I didn't really care anymore. (They should have learned from the Rachel/Ross/Moonlighting/J.D./Eliot phenomenon.) :)
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