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Saturday, October 03, 2009
  Why I Don't Watch Television, or Brooke Shields Why?
I don't have television anymore, primarily because I am very susceptible to advertising, and I think it is evil. However, I still enjoy some television shows, which is why the Internet is wonderful. Lately though, my excellent ad-blocking software has opened a loophole that allows my favorite online television site to squeeze through 10- and 30-second ads in my programming. This is infuriating, but I can usually ignore or quickly mute them.

This week, though, Brooke Shields appeared on my computer lamenting her "inadequate or not enough" eyelashes. Another makeup ad, I assumed. But no, Brookie is now shilling a medication to grow thicker eyelashes. If you don't believe, watch it here, and take special note of the bizarre side effect warnings. It could be a great SNL digital short if it weren't so completely horrifying. And if another news story hadn't just popped up on my Google News Spotlight about another woman who fell into a coma and became braindead after a "routine liposuction." And my students still tell me that feminism is no longer relevant, or needed.
first i let out a loud, what. then i watched in growing horror as the ad went on and on about putting chemicals on your eyelids to grow lashes. then i felt like crying for all the women who would no doubt think to themselves, i've always thought mine were a bit thin. here's proof it's not only a legitimate problem, but also common and still yet solvable! if brooke thinks it's great, maybe i should try it!
i'd cry endless tears of sorrow if i didn't think it might thin my lashes.
It is a bad sign for the Empire when reality becomes indistinguishable from parody, "It could be a great SNL digital short..." if it wasn't a real informercial.

The piece stuck with me all week. Unfortunately in a deflating manner, like, "Fuck, this is where we're at?" Culturally. And the kids don't see anything wrong!?! Ugh.
That is nuts. It's even better than the permanent makeup tattoos that people were pushing a few years ago. Foolhardy.
After social platforms on internet I gave up watching TV too
After social platforms on internet I gave up watching TV too
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