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Monday, February 26, 2007
  The Trappings of Adulthood
Here is a picture of a room in my new apartment.

When I show people these pictures, they usually comment on the nice hardwood floors. I like them too. But today I started thinking about that term--hardwood floors--and wondering if there is such a thing as softwood floors. Then I wondered why we don't just call them wood floors. Or bare wood floors.

I added "hardwood floors" to my list of adult vocabulary. Other words in this category include "mortgage," "taxes," and "mileage." It is not as frightening a list as some of my friends have, with terms like "breast pump," but still. It's weird.

And even though just recently I extolled the virtues of turning 30, and even though I would not want to return to the days of "the mall," and "the Prom," it might be kind of nice to have more conversations that revolve around "treats" and "coming over to play."

(But here's another picture of my new apartment, because it's artsy.)
There are better grown-up words. "Ch√Ęteauneuf-du-Pape" and "Plane Tickets" are the grown up version of "treats" and "coming over to play"
Your apartment looks lovely though, I meant to respond to your emailed pics with a comment on the hardwood floors.

Roommates or solo?
Finally a place of my own again! It will be luscious.
Wonderturtle, I would like you to come over my new house to play and we will have treats while we look at my (Pergo) hardwood floors. Now, if only we were still allowed to ask each other to "go ride bikes".
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Can I move in with you? Your new place looks lovely!
Looks great. I'm with Lulu on the treats. I'd add to that list smokey treats.
Are those floors squeeky hardwood floors? Ours are squeeky hard wood and I hate it.
Your hardwood floors look nicer than my hardwood floors.

My best friend got married when we were right out of college and I remember looking at her one day when she started talking about their investments and exclaiming, "What are you? 80?!?!" "Investments" has yet to make my list of grown-up words.

Also, everyone in my family refers to treats as "treat treats," a holdover from childhood. My mom recently presented me with an unexpected little gift and prefaced this by saying, "oh, I have a treat treat for you." And I'm 31.
And what is that, by the way? A sunroom?
I will ALWAYS want to play, have treats and go to the mall. As a child of suburbia in the 80s, the mall is always 'home' to me. So call me up anytime and we'll go. -snix
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JAG: I was already psyched, but if there are treats involved I'm practically peeing my pants!

HB: I am sending you a personal email to address these comments. :p

Beth: It might be a little squeezed, but you are welcome to crash on the couch anytime. Thanks!

CP: I am not entirely sure what you mean by "smokey treats," but I will go ahead and assume it is not what I am thinking.

And yes, that is a sunroom. My favorite part!

GM: I haven't noticed a squeak, but will now be listening for one in a state of paranoia. Thanks a lot.

Megan: See! Hardwood floor envy! "Equity" is another that goes along with "investments," and sadly, I just don't have the funds to be that kind of adult. But your family sounds like my kind of family.

Snix: I will play, but will only go to the mall if I get to have a treat there. And afterwards. Yay!
i suck
HB: I totally love you again forever.
yay! please call me every 5 minutes.
Hi! I was just directed here by Megan. I'm totally jealous of your gorgeous apartment - are those built-in cabinets I see? I have softwood floors in my house. They're made of pine and get beat up really easily - enjoy your hardwood.
Clare: Hi! Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for satisfying my curiosity about softwood... I had no idea.
I was about to say, yes, there are softwood floors. Redwood makes beautiful floors except for two problems. One, you have to cut down a really cool old tree and you shouldn't. Two, it is a softwood and gets dinged up easily. That being said, when I lived in California I saw a few places with Redwood floors. Cool new apartment! Congratulations!
TenS: Thanks! Redwood floors must have been a relic of the "proving wealth by how impractical our stuff is," like high heels and silk.
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